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Automatic System Answer Lines (#204)

Use this feature to identify the lines on which incoming calls should be answered by Automatic
System Answer.

  • All lines programmed with Automatic System Answer should be assigned to extension 10.
  • Only outside calls on Automatic System Answer lines are answered automatically. Intercom, transferred, and transfer-return calls are not answered automatically.
  • You can set Caller ID Log Answered Calls (#317) to Active to log calls on lines answered by Automatic System Answer.

Office Telephone Systems
Merlin Magix


To identify the lines on which outside calls should be answered by the system:

  1. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#204
  2. Enter the two-digit system line number of the desired line.
  3. To assign or unassign the line, press (Next Data) until the appropriate value appears.
    1 = Assigned
    2 = Not Assigned (the factory setting)
  4. To identify another line, press (next item)or (prev. item) until the line number appears on the display. Then repeat Step 3.
  5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all the lines that you want to identify.
  6. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.

Automatic System Answer Lines

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