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Direct Extension Dial Button (#113)

Use this feature to program a button to turn Direct Extension Dial (DXD) on and off. Direct
Extension Dial permits an outside caller to dial an extension or Hunt Group directly, without the
aid of the operator. DXD calls also can be transferred directly into a Calling Group. It is ideal for outside callers who frequently talk with specific employees or service groups and know the
extension number they are trying to reach. When an outside call rings on a line programmed with Direct Extension Dial, the system picks it up after a specified number of rings and plays a short message prompting the caller to dial the digits of the designated extension, Hunt Group, or Calling Group.

  • This feature is available only on the system telephone at extension 10.
  • Use only one automated answering option for incoming calls (either this feature, the
    Automated Attendant Service of the voice messaging system, or a PARTNER Attendant).
  • This feature can handle three outside calls simultaneously.
  • If you have lines programmed for Direct Extension Dial and Automatic System Answer,
    Direct Extension Dial answers the call first.
  • A Direct Extension Dial Button must be programmed on a button with lights on the system display telephone at extension 10. (This feature is not supported on a button without lights.)
  • Do not use Direct Extension Dial in places where Hold Disconnect Time (#203) is not
    recognized, because if a caller hangs up after Direct Extension Dial answers, the line
    appears to be busy.
  • The Direct Extension Dial Button returns to the status (on/off) it was in before a power
    failure occurred or System Reset (#728) was used.
  • Direct Extension Dial affects incoming calls only on lines identified using Direct Extension Dial Lines (#205).
  • If Direct Extension Dial is on, callers hear ringing when the call is transferred regardless of the Music-on-Hold (#602) or Ring on Transfer (#119) setting.
  • By default, unanswered calls return to extension 10. You can use Transfer Return Extension (#306) to specify a different Transfer Return Extension for extension 10. In this case, all unanswered Direct Extension Dial calls return to the specified extension as do unanswered calls manually transferred by extension 10.
  • If Do Not Disturb (F01) is active at a directly dialed extension, the call returns to extension 10 (or its transfer return extension), unless Call Forwarding (F11), Call Coverage Rings, or VMS Cover Rings is used or on.


Direct Extension Dial Button (#113)

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