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Doorphone Extension

Use these features to identify an extension to which a doorphone is connected. A doorphone is
usually placed near an entrance, to screen visitors. You can connect up to two doorphones to the system—use Doorphone 1 Extension (#604) to identify the extension for the first doorphone and Doorphone 2 Extension (#605) to identify the extension for the second doorphone.

  • An extension cannot be used for a doorphone and a hotline at the same time. However,
    hotlines and doorphones can have the same alert extensions.
  • You should not assign doorphones to extension 10, 11, or to the first two extensions of any 308EC or 206 modules.
  • Remove voice messaging system mailboxes from doorphone extensions.
  • You cannot bridge two doorphones together.
  • To prevent outside calls from being made or received on the doorphone, use Line
    Assignment (#301) to remove all outside lines and/or Pool Extension Assignment (#314) to remove all pools from the doorphone extension. (Automatic Line Selection for the doorphone extension will be automatically set to select intercom lines first.)
  • You can use Message Light On with the doorphone (for example, the doorphone’s light
    flashes as a prearranged signal to a delivery person) provided the doorphone is connected to a processor module or to a Release 3.0 or later 206 module.


To program a doorphone extension::

  1. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#604 for doorphone 1 (or #605 for doorphone 2) at extension 10 or 11.
  2. Enter the doorphone two-digit extension number, or press (Remove) to unassign an existing doorphone extension.
  3. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.


Doorphone Extension

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