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Emergency Phone Number List (#406)

Use this feature to create a list of up to 10 telephone numbers that all users can dial regardless of dialing restrictions, provided they have access to an outside line. Typical list entries include fire, police, and emergency services numbers.

You can use Emergency List entries to override numbers that would otherwise be disallowed. For example, if you created Disallowed List entries to prevent calls to area code 201, but you want to allow calls to a specific number in that area code (such as the number of a manager who is on call after hours), put the number in the Emergency List.

  • Each telephone number can include up to 12 digits.
  • Enter the telephone number exactly as you would dial it, including any toll prefixes.
  • When programming emergency numbers and/or making test calls to emergency numbers, you should:
    — Remain on the line and briefly explain to the dispatcher the reason for the call before
    hanging up.
    — Perform such activities in the off-peak hours, such as early morning or late evening.
  • Users at Forced Account Code extensions can dial numbers on the Emergency Phone
    Number List without entering an account code. Users can make 911 calls from the Forced Account Code extensions without entering the account code as long as 911 has been entered into the Emergency Phone Number List.

To create an Emergency Phone Number List::

  1. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#406 at extension 10 or 11.
  2. Select a list entry (01–10). A display similar to the following appears:
    Emergency List 03
    Data - - - - - - - - - - - -
  3. Enter the telephone number.
  4. To save the telephone number in memory, you must press (enter)
  5. Do one of the following:
    ■ To enter other telephone numbers, press (next item) to select a different list entry and repeat
    Steps 3 and 4.
    ■ To change the telephone number you just entered, press (remove) and repeat Steps 3
    and 4.
    ■ To delete the telephone number you just entered, press (remove)
  6. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.


Emergency Phone Number List (#406)

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