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Forced Account Code Entry (#307)

Forced Account Code Entry identifies extensions at which users must enter an account code
before making outside calls. The account code can be used to charge telephone calls to a
department or client.

This feature applies only to system telephones.

  • You can dial numbers on the Emergency Phone Number List (#406) without entering an
    account code at a Forced Account Code Entry extension. You can make 911 calls from the Forced Account Code extensions without entering the account code as long as 911 has been entered into the Emergency Phone Number List.
  • You can enter account codes manually or by using System Speed Dial numbers, Personal Speed Dial numbers, or Auto Dialing (but not Marked System Speed Dial numbers).
  • Automatic Line Selection does not apply for an extension programmed with Forced
    Account Code Entry; you must manually select a line or pool after entering an account code.
  • Do not assign Forced Account Code Entry to an External Hotline (#311) extension.
  • If a System Password (#403) is required to override dialing restrictions for an extension, you must enter it before entering the account code.
  • If SMDR is used, the account code assigned to incoming or outgoing calls prints on call
    reports. If a Forced Account Code List exists, only valid account codes are printed on the call report.
  • You do not need a forced account code to answer incoming calls.


Forced Account Code Entry (#307)

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