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Music-On-Hold (#602)

Use this feature to activate or deactivate the Music-On-Hold jack on the processor module. The jack must be active and an audio source must be connected to the jack to provide recorded music or messages to callers on hold.

  • If Music-On-Hold is Not Active or if no audio source is connected, callers on hold hear
  • The audio source must be connected to the control unit by using an RCA phono plug. The Music-On-Hold input jack accepts a maximum input of 2 Volts at 50 Kohms.
  • If the audio source develops trouble (such as a bad tape), you can quickly turn it off by
    changing the Music-On-Hold setting to Not Active until you are able to solve the problem.
  • You can adjust the volume of Music-On-Hold using Music-On-Hold Volume (#614).
  • If Ring on Transfer (#119) is Not Active and Music-On-Hold is Active, transferred callers hear Music-On-Hold until the call is answered.
  • If Music-On-Hold is Active, users with system telephones with speakers can play
    Background Music through their telephones’ speakers.
  • If Automatic System Answer is on, callers hear Music-On-Hold while waiting for someone to answer the call.
  • If Direct Extension Dial is on, callers hear ringing when the call is transferred regardless of the settings for Music-On-Hold and Ring on Transfer (#119).
  • If the operator at extension 10 uses the Wake Up Service Button (#115) to schedule wake up calls, the recipients hear Music-On-Hold when they answer their wake up calls.

To change the setting of the Music-On-Hold jack:

  1. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#602 at extension 10 or 11.
  2. Press (Next Data) until the appropriate value appears:
    ■ 1 = Active (the factory setting)
    ■ 2 = Not Active
  3. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.


Music-On-Hold (#602)

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