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SMDR Talk Time (#611)

Use this feature to indicate whether or not you want to include a Talk field on call reports. The Talk field records talk time for all incoming outside calls.

For Automatic System Answer and Direct Extension Dial calls, talk time does not include the
time during which the greeting plays or the time that the caller spends waiting for someone to
answer the call. For all other calls, talk time is the same as call duration.

  • If talk time is set to Active and SMDR Output Format (#610) is set to 24 digits, the combined length of the fields for call record is greater than the 80 characters supported by most printers. If call records wrap around to the next line, reduce the font size or increase the characters-per inch setting for the printer. If necessary, change the output format back to 15 digits.
  • If you use Automatic System Answer or Direct Extension Dial, you may want to set SMDR Talk Time (#611) to Active to print on call reports the time a user spends on an incoming outside call—from the time the user answers the call to the time the call is disconnected from the system.
  • When you change this feature to Active, the next call record that prints includes talk time as the last field on the call report. To print a new header, use SMDR Top of Page (#609).


To include the Talk field on call reports:

  1. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#611
  2. Press (Next Data) until the appropriate value appears:
    ■ 1 = Active
    ■ 2 = Not Active (the factory setting)
  3. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.


SMDR Talk Time (#611)

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