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SMDR Top of Page (#609)

Use this feature to notify the system that the printer has been aligned to the top of a new page.
Use this feature after inserting paper, clearing a jam, or to print a new header after changing
SMDR Output Format or SMDR Talk Time. When this feature is used, the system prints a new call report header.

  • This procedure is skipped in the sequence of programming procedures when cycling. To use this procedure, enter the code directly.
  • You can use Display Language (#303) to specify the language in which the call report page header should print.


To program SMDR Top of Page:

  1. Make sure the paper in the printer is aligned at the top of a new page.
  2. Press feature +(00)+(system program)+(system program)+#609
  3. The system responds by printing the call report page header
  4. Select another procedure, or exit programming mode.

SMDR Top of Page (#609)

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