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Wake Up Service Button (#115)

Use this feature to program a button on the system telephone at extension 10 to schedule wake up (or reminder) calls for system extensions. When a wake up call is scheduled, the system makes an intercom call to the target extension at the scheduled time. If the first call is not answered or the called extension is busy, the system makes a second attempt five minutes later.

  • You must program a Wake Up Service Button on the system display telephone at extension 10.
  • You must program Wake Up Service on a button with lights. This feature is not supported on a button without lights.
  • A scheduled wake up call occurs once in a 24-hour period. If you want to send a wake up call at the same time on the next day, you must reschedule the call.
  • Wake up calls ring the target extension for approximately 30 seconds (or six rings).
  • Wake up calls are not placed to extensions assigned as doorphones.
  • Wake up time is based on System Time (#103).
  • If users answer a wake up call, they hear Music-On-Hold (#602) if it is Active. If Music-On- Hold is Not Active, users hear silence.
  • Wake up calls ring at target extensions even if Do Not Disturb is active at the extension.
  • Wake up calls to a target extension that has Call Forwarding active ring at the extension—the calls are not forwarded.
  • Wake up calls that are not answered do not go to voice mail coverage, even if VMS Cover is active at the target extension.


Wake Up Service Button (#115)

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