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Avaya IP Office IP telephony delivers real world business benefits through improved efficiency and decreased costs. It will enable you to adopt IP technology at a pace that is appropriate for your needs, working in parallel with more traditional telephony methods. IP telephony allows extensions to be deployed both locally and remotely through the use of routers or virtual private network (VPN) services. Avaya IP Office flexibly supports both hard phones and PC-based softphones. By fully supporting the H.323 standard, Avaya IP Office provides standards-based interoperability between systems and devices. Multiple Avaya IP Office systems can be linked together using a standard data network, providing feature transparency and advanced applications, such as centralized voice mail.

VoIP Solutions for Home Working

Remote access through the Avaya IP Office provides your non-office-based staff with access to the important business information they need to be productive on your network. They can use desktop PCs, your best laptop, or even Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)-enabled mobile phones. Your network is protected by an integral firewall, which helps ensure security across the network, while offering a facility for setting time profiles to help ensure flexibility and cost control. The firewall provides the security, which allows packets to travel in and out. With the profiles, you are able to control the amount of time individuals are allowed to access the network. Avaya IP Office delivers remote access to smaller businesses with non-traditional office arrangements, supporting 24 to 100 simultaneous remote users and a total community of 100 to 300 remote workers.

VoIP Solutions Internet Access

Avaya IP Office supports dial-up and direct leased line connectivity to the Internet, which is ideal for a wide range of small businesses, from those that use the Internet for information gathering to those that are dependent on the Internet for conducting daily business tasks. With an integral firewall and the ability to set time profiles, Avaya IP Office Internet access provides inherent security and the ability to control costs. Secure, high-speed access to the Internet is a central feature of Avaya IP Office. Dependent on your business drivers, Avaya IP Office can let you access the Internet in a variety of ways. If your business has low Internet traffic volumes, you can opt for the dial-up connectivity option through a TI or EI line. If your enterprise requires constant Internet access, and even the ability to host a Web site, you can choose a direct leased line connection via a wide area network (WAN) port, which Avaya IP Office can support. Avaya IP Office simplifies managing Internet access. You can define automatic adjustments in your company's bandwidth to help ensure that the right amount of bandwidth is available for Internet traffic when you need it and channeled elsewhere when you don't. As companies become more and more dependent on the Internet, for information gathering and business transactions, security becomes a significant issue. With its integral firewall, Avaya IP Office gives your business the security it needs to protect your network.

VoIP Solutions Multi-Site Networking

Avaya IP Office can provide a complete voice and data communication and networking solution if you have multiple offices with networking needs. Data networking features include Internet or branch-to-branch based routing, and standards-based directory support for easy integration with your IT environment. There is a high degree of feature transparency for voice networking providing a variety of business benefits. Aimed at smaller sites, Avaya IP Office delivers Voice over IP (VoIP) networking for up to 15 sites, and up to 250 users across those sites, with a high degree of feature transparency. By supporting VoIP with full Quality of Service (QoS), multiple sites can be networked together, providing a consistent, seamless system that users use wherever they are located.

Compact Contact Center (CCC)

Avaya IP Office CCC is the next-generation contact center solution for small and medium enterprises, providing your managers with both historical reports, and real-time view of the call center activity. Tightly integrated with the Avaya IP Office portfolio, CCC was designed to allow organizations to manage their customer facing department or contact center effectively and improve customer service. Scaling from 5 to 75 agents, Avaya IP Office CCC lets call centers and customer-facing departments of all sizes benefit from the advantages of measuring key performance indicators.

Compact Business Center

The Compact Business Center is an entry-level management tool for small customer facing departments. It provides simple real-time and historical analysis for organizations that do business over the phone. Providing real-time graphs on up to three departments or hunt groups, and the entire system, managers can quickly ascertain what improvements might be made to boost customer service.

Assisted Transfer

Assisted Transfer allows transfer of a call to a destination, but allows the call to return to VoiceMail Pro automatically for other options should the called party be engaged, or not answer within a pre-determined period of time.

Personal Numbering

Personal Numbering lets you remotely turn your voicemail on or off, set e-mail forwarding, and edit your call forwarding and Follow Me numbers. All together, you get a comprehensive Personal Numbering service for users who need to remain in contact regardless of their physical location.


Avaya IP Office PhoneManager brings the features and functionality normally available on feature phones to every user's desktop PC. The PC manages the call and takes calls through a traditional handset or through the IP softphone and a sound card in the PC.

Avaya IP Office Management Tools

An integral part of the Avaya IP Office solution, the Manager application provides a single point of management, including applications. The Manager provides remote management facilities, and off-line configuration, and is capable of managing any number of Avaya IP Office sites from a single location-all subject to user-specific permissions.

VoIP Solutions

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