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Avaya telephones are designed so features and functions are easily accessible to the user ensuring that, through ease of use, the full benefits of the system are delivered to the desktop. A communication platform may have very sophisticated functionality, but without the user friendly Avaya telephones much of this is hidden and thus unused by the average user.

The Merlin Magix supports a wide range of dedicated digital Avaya telephones. The folowing Avaya telephones are available for use with the Avaya Merlin Magix telephone system



The New Lucent Avaya Merlin Legend MLX 16dp phone, 16 button data port display telephone set for your business is a feature rich digital phone specifically designed to help you get the most from your Merlin Magix office telephone system.




The Magix 4400D phone is basic and convenient for business people who do not need all the features of the larger Lucent Avaya phones, but it still has the useful business phone features plus a display to see who is calling, who you are calling, and the date and time.




The Lucent Avaya Merlin Magix 4406D telephone set is a quality 6 button voice terminal. With a 2 line display you can see the number you dialed and the person who is calling, not to mention all the other great features that come with the Magix 4406 display telephone.




Lucent Avaya Merlin Magix 4412D+ telephone Sets have the most powerful features that Avaya provides. It has easy to press buttons and many features like HFAI, So you can speak on the phone hands free.




The Lucent Avaya Merlin Magix 4424D+ phone with 24 buttons is a good management phone set with 24 programmable feature buttons and a 2 line by 24 character display.




Expanding businesses call for special low cost Solutions. Powerful expasion options is the key here. With the Avaya Magix 4450 DSS Console (direct station selector) you can expand your Avaya Magix 4424LD and Magix 4424D digital telephones. The 50 button Direct Station Selector Console (DSS Console) is used for one touch transfer to another extension by an attendant, operator or receptionist's telephone.




New Lucent Avaya Merlin Legend MLX 20L, 20 button display business phone has every feature you need in a quality Merlin Legend telephone. It come with a jack for a DSS console, so you may add additional extensions to reach every employee.




The Merlin Legend MLX 28D phone provides a display, programmable buttons and many more features, including a pull out reference tray that will help you program and troubleshoot the display set.




The Lucent Avaya 4424LD+ Telephone 108429580 with Large Vacuum Fluorescent Display is designed to deliver the desktop phone functionality you need to achieve maximum employee productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall communication value.




On the Move and on the phone? TransTalk is a single-zone or dual-zone, in-building wireless system that provides a mobility solution on most Avaya Communication Systems.



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