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Don’t just survive... Thrive.

A great phone system does more than just keep you connected to each other and your customers. It helps your business operate like a well-oiled machine. Keeps customers coming back for more. And ultimately, helps grow revenue in ways you may never have imagined.

Can a phone system do all that?

Avaya’s PARTNER ACS can. It delivers surprisingly sophisticated capabilities every small and growing business needs to give itself an edge in today’s highly competitive environment. And it does it all with a simplicity that busy small businesses have appreciated for decades.

Over a million sold to small businesses like yours!

Call Forwarding/Call Follow Me The Partner ACS phone system can forward all intercom, transferred, and outside calls from a user's extension to another system extension. Users can activate this feature from their own extension or from any other extension in the system. Lets employees move around the office without missing important calls.

Group Calling Ring, voice signal, or transfer calls simultaneously to all of the extensions in any one of four Calling Groups. Ensures that calls are answered. Lets you make an announcement to all members of the group at once.

Line Access Restriction: On the Partner ACS phone system it is possible to restrict an extension from making or receiving calls on a specific line. Avoids toll misuse or abuse.

Direct Extension Dialing (DXD)    Connects customer to the right person faster, Partner Messaging, which means no missed calls from customers,

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Record-A-Call:  Record an active conversation in your voice mailbox. Keeps a recording of important conversations for future reference. Remote Administration: All Partner ACS telephone systems can be programmed and maintained from a remote location using two Partner Remote Access Units (RAUs). Remote administration is an ideal solution for a business with more than one Partner phone system that wishes to perform administration and maintenance from a centralized location.

Group Call Distribution  Assign outside lines to ring directly in Hunt Groups instead of being answered and transferred by the receptionist. Also used to route calls to a voice mail system. Routes incoming calls on specific lines to a Sales or Service group. Reduces load on receptionist and speeds call handling.

Group Calling Ring, voice signal, or transfer calls simultaneously to all of the extensions in any one of four Calling Groups. Ensures that calls are answered. Lets you make an announcement to all members of the group at once.

Call Park: Lets users put a call on a special type of hold allowing it to be picked up from any phone in the system. Allows users to park a call, move about the office, and pick it up from another phone without knowing which line the call is on. Used in conjunction with paging. Paged party can pick up the call from any phone.

Background Music:  Provides background music at the touch of a button via the speaker of an idle system phone. Plays material from the Music-On-Hold audio source. This feature is programmable on an extension-by-extension basis. Lets users customize their work environment.

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Conferencing: Connect multiple inside and outside parties on a single call. Enables users to conduct meetings over the phone-a common "must-have" feature. Conference Drop: Drops the last outside party added to a conference call, without disconnecting the other parties. Prevents remaining callers from hearing dial tone when caller leaves a conference.

Little things mean a lot

The PARTNER ACS includes more than 100 valuable features and capabilities, all designed to help make your business more professional and productive.

For a complete list of the features available on the Partner :

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