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Partner Messaging

Partner Messaging  

Partner Messaging, 700262058, is available as an option for Partner ACS. It comes in its own module, which fits into the Partner ACS carrier like the other line/station modules. Partner Messaging offers three functionally integrated services:

Partner Messaging 700262058


Automated Attendant Service

The Automated Attendant Service answers calls with a customer-recorded greeting and presents callers with a menu of destination options (routes) to guide them to the right person, department, or voice mailbox.

Voice Mail Service

The Voice Mail Service provides voice mailboxes in which internal and outside callers can leave messages.

Mailboxes can be assigned to any extension in the system. Voice mail subscribers can:

• Record a name and greeting callers will hear in the language of your choice

• Choose a password to keep messages confidential

• Choose a Personal Operator to answer calls when a caller dials 0 before, during, or after leaving a message

• Create and send messages to other voice mail subscribers

• Broadcast a message to a list of other voice mail subscribers

• Listen to messages from callers

• Forward received messages to other voice mail subscribers

• Add comments to received messages and forward them

• Delete old messages

• Administer outcalling numbers

• The system can be programmed to automatically place an outside call when a new message arrives in a subscriber’s mailbox (called “outcalling”)

• Retrieve messages remotely from any touchtone telephone

Call Answer Service

The Call Answer Service covers unanswered calls on extensions and incoming lines. When a ringing phone is not picked up, the Call Answer Service transfers the caller to a voice mailbox, an automated attendant, or to a recorded announcement.


Partner Messaging 700262058 brings out the full power of the Partner ACS phone system.


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