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Call Answering Modes

PARTNER Voice Messaging Release 3.0 (PVM R3) lets you determine how to handle calls directed to your mailbox using either Call Answering Mode or Answer-Only Mode, where callers hear your greeting but cannot leave messages. The Answer-Only Mode is useful when you will be unavailable for a period of time and do not want messages to accumulate in the mailbox. Alternatively, this feature can be used to provide announcements or other information to callers.

Fast Forward/Rewind

PVM R3 gives you the flexibility to fast forward and rewind in five-second increments when listening to a message. It also lets you skip ahead to the next message.

Announcement of Message Category

The PVM R3 system differentiates between new and old messages by announcing "New Messages" and "Old Messages" before playing the header of the first message in each respective category.

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Login Capabilities

PVM R3 lets you log into your voice messaging service after leaving a Call Answer message. With the multiple login capability, System Administrators can use the **7 command to log into multiple mailboxes during a single call.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

This feature improves the sound quality of your voice mail messages by automatically adjusting the playback volume level.

Automated Attendant

This feature provides the flexibility to automatically route incoming calls and efficiently redirect those customers to the right person, mailbox, or recorded announcement.

Key Features or Characteristics

Partner Messaging Release 1.0


Multilevel Automated Attendants

PARTNER Messaging Release 1.0 (PMR1) features four automated attendants to answer incoming calls and provide callers with multilevel menu selections. Based on caller input, PMR1 uses the multiple sub-menus to direct each call to the person or automated announcement that best serves the caller's needs. PMR1 lets you program these automated attendants with flexible call-routing patterns based on the time-of-day. It can answer in US English, or can offer a bilingual mode in either Canadian French or Latin American Spanish. Additional capabilities include:

•  Fax detection and routing to transfer fax calls to a pre-programmed extension

•  One general mailbox assigned per automated attendant

•  Centrex transfer to personal operator, default operator, or direct extension

Directory Dialing

This PMR1 feature lets you reach all persons in the system, even if you do not know their extension numbers. The system maintains a list of user names and extension numbers. Using this convenient directory-dialing feature, callers and users can address and forward messages quickly and easily, or can dial another person on the same PARTNER system.

www.messenger Software for Partner Messaging

www.messenger software provides the tools you need to manage your voice mailbox via PC. Once PMR1 is connected to your business' LAN, you can view message headers on your PC using a compatible Web browser, such as Netscape Navigator® 4.6 or Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.

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