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Partner Phone by Avaya

A Partner phone is designed so features and functions are easily accessible to the user ensuring that, through ease of use, the full benefits of the system are delivered to the desktop. A communication platform may have very sophisticated functionality, but without the user friendly Avaya telephones much of this is hidden and thus unused by the average user.

The Partner ACS supports a wide range of dedicated digital Avaya telephones. The folowing Avaya telephones are available for use with the Partner phone system



You can utilize 32 dual light line or programmable buttons and 4 flex keys under the displays. The Partner 34D has a 2 line x 24 character backlit display, conference, transfer, hold, 2 way intercom & 2 way speakerphone.



You can utilize many features with this Avaya Lucent Partner 18D Telephone, included but are not limited to conference capabilities, transfer, hold, 2 way intercom& 2 way speakerphone. This Avaya Lucent Partner 18D telephone has a message waiting light so you can tell when you have a message in you voice mail.




You can utilize many features such as conference capabilities, transfer, hold, 2 way intercom& 2 way speakerphone – numerous applications can be added. The Partner 18 phone is ideal for users who want auti-dial capabilities with 18 programmable and 8 fixed feature buttons.




You can utilize 4 dual light line or programmable buttons.The Partner 6 Avaya telephone features are unlimited with conference, transfer, hold, 2 way intercom, 2 way speakerphone. The Partner 6 can also work with the Avaya Merlin Magix Phone System



The Avaya 3910 Wireless Telephone uses 900 MHz digital technology and offers in the average business environment, a handset range of 160 feet from the base station. Each 3910 Telephone requires its own base unit. Multiple 3910 phones may be operated in the same wireless coverage area or zone.



For hands-free solution, the 10U100 is a cordless that lets users take calls and make calls up to 150 feet from their desks. The 10U100 features a full dial pad on the pocket-size remote unit.



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