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Account Code /Absent Status How to Turn Call Waiting On/Off
Agent Mode Operation How to Turn Off Hook operation On/Off
Call Functions How to Turn Voicemail & Ringback On/Off
Call with Account Code Functions How to Use Account Codes
Making a Call with Account Codes Phone Manager Pro Call Handling Icons
Call History Call History Phone Manager Pro
Call Status Make or Recieve a Call Phone Manager Pro
Blind Transfer a Call Message/ Speed Dial Tabs Phone Manager Pro
Audio Codec / Compact Mode Missed Calls Tab Phone Manager Pro
Collect Your New Voicemail Messages/ Park a Call Personal Distribution Lists
Conference/ Account Codes/ Door Tabs Phone Manager Preferences & Park ID
IP Office Conferencing Center/ Help Menu PIN Restrictions
Configure Directory dialogue box Profile Phone Manager Pro
Configure Menu Queue ID Tab
Directory Entries- Functions Menu Set Ringback or Absent Message
Directory Entry menu Screen Pop Preferences
Edit Speed Dial form Script Tab Phone Manager Pro
Forwarding & Do Not Disturb Preferences Set Date/Time & Clock Type
Functions Menu Speed Dial Functions
Hands Free & PC Softphone Operation Getting Started Phone Manager Pro
Tag a Call Tag a Parked Call
How to Create a Speed Dial to a User's Extention Transfer Functions Phone Manager Pro
How to Create a Speed Dial Transfer a Call to Another User's Voice Mail
How to Edit a Speed Dial USB & IM Preferences
How to Set Do Not Disturb or Exceptions Voicemail and Queue Tabs Call History
How to Take Your Calls from Another Extension Telephony Preferences


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