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All Telephones Are Dead (No Dial Tone or Lights)

Possible Cause 1: The control unit is not receiving power.

When checking the power cord on the control unit, as instructed in the following procedure, do not stand on a box or chair to reach the unit if it is out of easy reach. If you do not have a stable ladder or other proper equipment, do not proceed; wait for the technician.

What to do: Make sure the control unit’s power cord is plugged securely into the wall outlet. Also, if convenient and safe to do so, make sure the other end of the power cord is
securely connected to the power supply in the control unit.
• If all telephones now have dial tone and lights, you have solved the problem.
• If all telephones are still dead, go to Possible Cause 2.

Possible Cause 2: The power outlet into which the control unit is plugged is faulty.

What to do: Test the outlet by plugging in an appliance that you know is working—for example, a lamp or radio.
• If the appliance does not work, the outlet is faulty. If possible, plug the control unit into a different outlet, check the circuit breaker, or call an electrician.
• If the appliance works, the wiring may be faulty elsewhere in the system. Call Carroll Communications at 732-751-0101.

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