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Troubleshooting Merlin Magix

Programmed Button Fails

Possible Cause 1: The programmed button may be incorrectly programmed or may not be programmed at all.

You can check the programming of a button at a 4400-Series or MLX display telephone by first pressing the Inspct button and then the line button.
What to do: Use centralized telephone programming to check the programming for the telephone’s buttons.
• If the programming is incorrect, reprogram it. Try to use a programmed button. If the button works, you have solved the problem. If not, go to Possible Cause 2.
• If the programming is correct, go to Possible Cause 2. Extension programming is not stored in the telephone itself; therefore, if you move a telephone to a different extension, the programming for the previous telephone at that extension remains in effect. The extension
must be reprogrammed as appropriate.

Possible Cause 2: The telephone may be defective.

What to do: Test the telephone by replacing it with a similar telephone that you know is working properly. Program the buttons as appropriate.
• If the programmed button works properly on the replacement telephone, then replace it with the original telephone and check again. If the programmed button on the original telephone still fails, then the original telephone may be defective. Call Carroll Communications at
732-751-0101 (consultation charges may apply).
• If the programmed button on the replacement telephone fails, there may be a problem with the system wiring or the control unit. Call Carroll Communications at 732-751-0101 (consultation charges may apply).

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