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Reminder Messages Received with the Wrong Time

In Release 1.5 and later systems, if the Automatic Daylight Savings Time feature is not active, be sure to change the system time appropriately when Daylight Savings Time starts and when it ends.

System time affects the functioning of several system features, including Automatic Backup, Night Service, Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) reports, stand-alone Auto Attendant systems, Voice Mail, and Reminder Service. In a MERLIN MAGIX Release 1.0 system, you must change to and from Daylight Savings Time manually.

The system time may be set incorrectly.

What to do: At the programming console or any MLX or 4400-Series display telephone, check the System Time. If the time is correct, call Carroll Communications at
732-751-0101 (consultation charges may apply).

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