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Busy On Held

When on, busy on held returns busy to new calls when the user has an existing call on hold. This short code feature is useful when a user does not want to be distracted by an additional incoming call when they have a call on hold.

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 Y or 1 for on, N or 0 for off.

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Example: Turning Busy on Held on
If on, when the user has a call on hold, new calls receive busy tone (ringing if analog) or are diverted to Voicemail if enabled, rather than ringing the user. Note: this overrides call waiting when the user has a call on hold.

  • Short Code: *12

  • Telephone Number: Y

  • Feature: BusyOnHeld


Example: Turning Busy on Held off
Another short code must be created to turn the Busy on Held feature off. If off, when the uses has a call on hold, new calls will still get directed to the user.

  • Short Code: *13

  • Telephone Number: N

  • Feature: BusyOnHeld


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