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This short code feature allows users to dial the number specified to an outside line.

Telephone Number

 Telephone number.

Default Short Code

Various depending on locale.

Short Code Toggles

Phone Manager Control


SoftConsole Control


Programmable Button Control


  • See also: Dial Direct, Dial Emergency, Dial Extn, Dial Inclusion, Dial Paging.







Example: Creating a Speed Dial
In this example, users entering 401 on their telephone key pad will dial the New Jersey Office on 212 555 0000.

  • Short Code: 401

  • Telephone Number: 2125550000


Example: Replace Outgoing Caller ID
This short code is useful in a "call center" environment where you do not want customers to have access to the number of your direct line; you want the general office number displayed. The sample short code below will force the outgoing caller ID to display 123. Note: The usability of this feature is dependent upon your local service provider.

  • Short Code: ?

  • Telephone Number: .s123


Example: External Dialing Prefix
The short code is for dialing a prefix for an outside line N represents the external number you want to call.

  • Short Code: 9N

  • Telephone Number: N


Example: Blocking Caller ID
This is for blocking Caller ID for external calls. This feature can be applied to specific external numbers or to all out going calls. In most situations, the company will choose to block the caller ID for all external calls or leave it available for all external calls.

  • Short Code: 9N

  • Telephone Number: NW


Example: Maximum Call Length
The character
t can be used in dialing short codes to set the maximum allowed duration of a call. For example, the following short code will dial a number but then disconnect the call after 20 minutes (plus or minus a minute).

  • Short Code: 9N

  • Telephone Number: Nt(20)



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