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Display Msg

Allows the sending of special functions to DS port display phone extensions.

Telephone Number

 The telephone number takes the format xxxx;[0)nnn/ppppppp where:

  • xxx is the target extension.

  • nnn is the Definity feature number of the emulation feature. See below.

    • Abbreviated Dial (129), Abbreviated Dial Pause (130), Abbreviated Dial Program (7), Abbreviated Dial Stop (148), Account Code Entry (128), ACD Agent Statistics (147), ACD Stroke Count (135), AD Special Function Mark (142), AD Special Function Wait (149), AD Special Functions (145), AD Suppress (146), Automatic Callback (6), Automatic Intercom (139), Call Forwarding All (8), Call Park (9), Call Park To Other Extension (143), Call Pickup (132), Cancel Leave Word Calling (133), Consult (134), Dial Intercom (140), Directed Call Pickup (136), Send All Calls (10), Stored Number View (150), Time of Day (11), Timer (4).

  • ppppppp is the parameter data if required.  

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