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Voicemail Collect

This feature connects to the voicemail system. Normally the telephone number field is used to indicate the name of the mailbox to be accessed, for example "?Extn201" or "#Extn201". The ? indicates 'collect messages' and the # indicates 'leave a message'. Placing the text within quote marks stops it being interpreted by the IP Office as special short code characters.

When using Voicemail Pro, names of specific call flow start points can also be used to directly access those start points via a short code. In these cases, ? is not used and # is only used if ringing is required before the start point's call flow begins.

Note: Short codes using the Voicemail Collect feature, with either "Short Codes.name" and "#Short Codes.name" entries in theTelephone Number field are automatically converted to the Voicemail Node feature and name.

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  • See also: Voicemail On, Voicemail Off, Voicemail Node.






Example: Retrieve Messages from Specific Mailbox
This short code allows a user to retrieve messages from the mailbox of the hunt group 'Sales'.

  • Short Code: *99

  • Telephone Number: "?Sales"

  • Feature: VoicemailCollect

Example: Record Message to Specific Mailbox
To allow users to deposit a message directly to Extn201's Voicemail box. This short code is useful when you know the person is not at her/his desk and you want to immediately leave a message rather than call the person and wait to be redirected to voicemail.

  • Short Code: *201

  • Telephone Number: "#Extn201"

  • Feature: VoicemailCollect

Example: Accessing a Specific Voicemail Pro Module
This short code can be used in instances where you have a conference bridge set up on the IP Office and a module has been created via Voicemail Pro to access this conference bridge. A short code can be created for internal access to the module. In the sample short code below, the telephone number field contains the name of the module.

  • Short Code: *100

  • Telephone Number: "conferenc"

  • Feature: VoicemailCollect




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