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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.

Avaya IP Office Technical Tips

EMEA IP Office Technical Tip
054: Using SNMP to troubleshoot an IP Office with IP phones
*Release Date: 28 February 2005

Information provided by SNMP
SNMP can provide useful information about the system, including:-

-The total number of IP phones registered to the system.
-The total number of extensions configured but not registered on the system.
-Notification that an IP phone has registered or unregistered.
-The version of firmware running on the IP phones.
While the system is running, the ipoPhonesChangeEvent trap will be generated when IP phones register and unregister. Each trap contains the following information:-

Info Object name Detail
Severity ipoGTEventSeverity Always minor for this trap type
Timestamp ipoGTEventDateTime -
Extension ID ipoPhonesExtID -
Type of phone ipoPhonesType ‘noPhone’ when IP phone unregisters
Port number ipoPhonesPort Always 0 for IP phone

Traps can be used to monitor the status of IP phones. It will take up to 3 minutes for a trap to be generated when an IP phone unregisters. Traps will not be sent after a reboot if the status of the phones changes during the reboot.

Which phones are registered on the system?

The phone table in SNMP has the following information in each entry:

Info Object name Detail
Index to the table ipoPhonesIndex -
Extension ID ipoPhonesExtID -
Extension Number ipoPhonesExtNumber -
User Name ipoPhonesUserShort -
Full Name ipoPhonesUserLong -
Type of phone ipoPhonesType 'noPhone' if no phone is present
Port number ipoPhonesPort Always 0 for IP phone

Performing a get all on ipoPhonesType will give a list, referenced by the index (a system generated line number for the list), of all phone types on the system.

This can be done when the system is up and stable to show how many phones are registered and to provide a reference. After a reboot this can be done to find out if anything has changed by comparing the result with the reference file.

Using HP Openview (one of many possible SNMP client packages, used here for example), the following procedure can be followed to achieve this:-

To create the reference file use Steps 1 to 4 below. Once the file is created it can be used until the IP Office extension list is changed (due to the addition or deletion of an extension).

Step Detail
1. Open the MIB Browser window On the menu bar in HPOV go to Tools –>
SNMP MIB Browser
2. Enter IP Office IP Address Top left window: ‘Name or Address’
3. Get all the entries for the object ipoPhonesType This object is located in:- private->enterprises->Avaya->mibs->ipoMIB-
>ipoPhonesMibObjects-> ipoPhones-
Partial results are shown here:-
35. noPhone
36. a4612ip
37. a4602ip
4. Save the output File -> Save As on the menu bar on completion
of the query
5. Check the number of IP Phones registered to the system Using a text editor application open the file from step 4 above and count the number of ‘noPhone’ entries. Subtract this from the number of entries in the table and that is the
total number of phones registered on the IP
6 Check which phone extensions For every ‘noPhone’ entry, note the table index.
Using the MIB browser get ipoPhonesExtNumber for each of the indices –
enter the index in ‘MIB instance’

IP Phone firmware
The version of application & boot software that an IP phone is running can be obtained
using SNMP as they are values stored in the Phone’s MIB. The relevant objects are:-


Using HP Openview, the following steps are necessary to extract this information:-

Step Detail
1. Open the MIB Browser window On the menu bar in HPOV go to Tools –>
SNMP MIB Browser
2. Enter IP Phone IP Address Top left window: ‘Name or Address’
3. Get the objects endptBOOTNAME & endptAPPNAME These objects are located in:- private->enterprises->Avaya->mibs- >ipEndpointMIBs->endpointMIB->endptID->

For all IP phones on the system
In order to get the software version from all phones on a system, a batch file can be run
such as the following:-

For $i=$start to $stop
$addr="192.168.45." + $i
shell "snmpget " + $addr + " ."
shell "snmpget " + $addr + " ."
shell "snmpget " + $addr + " ."

This will return extension number, boot software version & application software version
for all phones with IP addresses – in the form:-

avaya.mibs.ipEndpointMIBs.endpointMIB.endptDEFINITY.endptNVPHONEXT.0 :
DISPLAY STRING- (ascii): 2217
avaya.mibs.ipEndpointMIBs.endpointMIB.endptID.endptAPPNAME.0 : DISPLAY
STRING- (ascii): 4602sape1_82.bin
avaya.mibs.ipEndpointMIBs.endpointMIB.endptID.endptBOOTNAME.0 : DISPLAY
STRING- (ascii): 4602sbte1_82.bin
avaya.mibs.ipEndpointMIBs.endpointMIB.endptDEFINITY.endptNVPHONEXT.0 :
DISPLAY STRING- (ascii): 2243
avaya.mibs.ipEndpointMIBs.endpointMIB.endptID.endptAPPNAME.0 : DISPLAY
STRING- (ascii): a10d01b2_1_3.bin
avaya.mibs.ipEndpointMIBs.endpointMIB.endptID.endptBOOTNAME.0 : DISPLAY
STRING- (ascii): b10d01b2_1_3.bin

Avaya IP Office


Avaya 4630 IP Telephone Compact business center: one of many tools for use with the IP Office Another great telephone by Avaya


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