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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.

Avaya IP Office Technical Tips

Global IP Office Technical Tip
093: Avaya IP Office Monitor - Extension Disconnect codes
*Release Date: 26 September 2005

Information to help interpret system monitor tracing.

The following is a list of Extension Disconnect codes and their associated meaning:

Code Description

0 Unknown
1 Unallocated (unassigned) number
2 No route to specific transit network/(5ESS)Calling party off hold
3 No route to destination / (5ESS) Calling party dropped while on hold
4 Send special information tone / (NI-2) Vacant Code
5 Misdialed trunk prefix
6 Channel unacceptable
7 Call awarded and being delivered
8 Preemption/(NI-2)Prefix 0 dialed in error
9 Preemption, cct reserved / (NI-2) Prefix 1 dialed in error
10 (NI-2) Prefix 1 not dialed
11 (NI-2) Excessive digits received call proceeding
16 Normal call clearing
17 User busy
18 No user responding / No response from remote device
19 No answer from user
20 Subscriber absent (wireless networks)
21 Call rejected
22 Number changed
23 Redirection to new destination
25 Exchange routing error
26 Non-selected user clearing
27 Destination Out Of Order
28 Invalid number format
29 Facility rejected
30 Response to STATUS ENQUIRY
31 Normal, unspecified
34 No cct / channel available
38 Network out of order
39 Permanent frame mode connection out of service
40 Permanent frame mode connection is operational
41 Temporary failure
42 Switching equipment congestion
43 Access information discarded
44 Requested cct / channel not available
45 Pre-empted
46 Precedence blocked call
47 Resources unavailable/(5ESS)New destination
49 Quality of service unavailable
50 Requested facility not subscribed
52 Outgoing calls barred
54 Incoming calls barred
57 Bearer capability not authorised
58 Bearer capability not presently available
63 Service or option not available, unspecified
65 Bearer capability not implemented
66 Channel type not implemented
69 Requested facility not implemented
70 Only restricted digital bearer capability is available
79 Service or option not implemented, unspecified
81 Invalid call reference
82 Identified channel does not exist
83 A suspended call exists, but this id does not
84 Call id in use
85 No call suspended
86 Call having the requested id has been cleared
87 User not a member of Closed User Group
88 Incompatible destination
90 Non-existent Closed User Group
91 Invalid transit network selection
95 Invalid message, unspecified
96 Mandatory information element missing
97 Message type non-existent/not implemented
98 Message not compatible with call state, non-existent or not
99 Information element non-existent or not implemented
100 Invalid information element contents
101 Message not compatible with call state / (NI-2) Protocol threshold
102 Recovery on timer expiry
103 Parameter not implemented
110 Message with unrecognised parameter
111 Protocol error, unspecified
117 Parked (Internal IP Office code)
118 UnParked (Internal IP Office code)
119 Pickup (Internal IP Office code)
120 Reminder (Internal IP Office code)
121 Redirect (Internal IP Office code)
122 Call Barred (Internal IP Office code)
123 Forward To Voicemail (Internal IP Office code)
124 Answered By Other (Internal IP Office code)
125 No Account Code (Internal IP Office code)
126 Transfer (Internal IP Office code)
*129 Held Call (Internal IP Office code)
*130 Ring Back Check (Internal IP Office code)
*131 Appearance Call Steal (Internal IP Office code)
*132 Appearance Bridge Into (Internal IP Office code)
*133 Bumped Call (Internal IP Office code)
134 Line Appearance Call (Internal IP Office code)
135 Unheld Call (Internal IP Office code)
136 Replace Current Call (Internal IP Office code)
137 Glare (Internal IP Office code)
138 R21 Compatible Conf Move (Internal IP Office code)
139 RingBack Answered (Internal IP Office code)
140 Transfer Request Failed (Internal IP Office code)
141 HuntGroup Drop (Internal IP Office code)

Please note that the above Disconnect codes are produced as part of the traces output when the Monitor/Call/Extension Send option is enabled. These traces commence with “CMExtnTx:”

As an example :-

10185mS CMExtnTx: v=100, p1=1
Line: type=DigitalExtn 3 Call: lid=0 id=-1 in=0
UUI type=Local [....] [0x03 0x00 0x00 0x00 ]
Cause=16, Normal call clearing
Timed: 12/07/05 11:00


Avaya IP Office


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