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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.

Avaya IP Office Technical Tips

Global IP Office Technical Tip
116: IP Office TAPI Interface
*Release Date: 20 Jan 2006

Avaya has received a number of questions from the field regarding the IP Office TAPI interface, its installation and supported features. This document is intended to address the most commonly asked questions.

TAPI Supported features on groups

The only supported features where Agent groups are concerned is TAPI Redirect to an extension and the ability to see what is queuing against that specified agent group. It was not design intent to allow any other functionality to operate when controlling the queue group through the IP Office TAPI interface - this is licensed functionality and is enabled when 3rd party TAPI and ACD queues are selected in the Telephony –
Advanced Tab within the control panel applet.

Testing the connectivity before installation

It should emphasized that when installing IP Office TAPI, it is the responsibility of the reseller/installer to test the operability of the TAPI solution at the time of the installation.

This is particularly important when configuring laptop PCs (which by their nature are generally mobile work stations and may be required to connect remotely to the office environment), which perform various synchronisation routines with, for example, Exchange Server or other 3rd party software when connecting to the company network.

Given that this type of machine can be configured in a large number of ways, it is advisable that the reseller / installer obtains an accurate description of the connectivity methods that the individual customer intends to use, then tests against those connection methods prior to install, therefore identifying any potential issues before the customer tries to use TAPI on a live system.

Centralised TAPI

The IP Office has a two component TAPI architecture consisting of a client side TSPI which is installed upon the client PC (supplied on the User CD), and a Server component which is part of the core software Binary file.

Use of a “centralised” TAPI client in an IP Office networked environment using Small Community Networking (SCN) is not currently supported.

Currently it is only possible to have one server to client link per system – a client can only connect to a single server.

Redirecting Calls via TAPI

Avaya does not support the use of the Line Redirect function when controlling an individual Extension via TAPI. This function was not designed to be used as a method of call handling on Extensions. The only supported use of TAPI Line Redirect is when controlling “Queuing Groups” in order to distribute calls.

In addition the only supported transfer method from that “Queuing Group” is direct to an Extension (not another group). These “Queuing Groups” can however be configured as empty groups for queuing purposes.

TAPI support in a Terminal Services or Citrix environment

Neither 1st nor 3rd Party IP Office TAPI is supported in a Terminal Services or Citrix environment. This is due to the fact that our TAPI offering was not designed to operate within the tight constraints of these environments.


Avaya IP Office


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