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Problem Solution
Telephone doesn’t ring Ringer volume may be too low.
  Do Not Disturb or Call Forwarding may be turned on.
  Line Ringing may not be set to Immediate.
  Telephone may be faulty; switch telephones and try again.
  If MLC 6 telephone, is Unique Line Ringing (#209) set to a pattern other than 1?
Display shows only 16 characters per line Possible power outage; unplug the modular telephone cord and replug.
Display time and date aren't right Is your system's clock correct?
Caller ID doesn’t work Are you subscribed to Caller ID?
  Is the line connected to a module that supports Caller ID?
  Did someone activate Call Coverage? If so, their extension number will appear.
Telephone Doesn’t Work Is the telephone cord plugged into the right jack on the bottom of the telephone?
  Telephone may need to be reset; unplug the cord, and with the handset hung up, replug.
  Telephone cord may be defective; switch cords and try again.
  Telephone may be defective; switch telephones and try again.
  There may be a problem with the control unit; switch to a different port and try again.
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Partner Phone System
Telephone Systems
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