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Intercom Autodialer doesn't work Is the telephone cord plugged into the right jack of the DSS
  Is the Intercom Autodialer plugged into an electric outlet?
  Telephone cord may be defective; switch cords and try again.
Can’t record a call Two calls may already be recording.
  You may not have enough ports for Hunt Group 7.
  Make sure you have a four-port mail system.
  You may not have enough ports programmed in Hunt Group 7.
Standard phone message waiting light doesn’t light Telephone may be part of a combination extension that includes a system telephone with Background Music on; turn it off.
  The message waiting light may not be compatible with the system, or the telephone may not be connected to the proper module.
Can’t make outside outside calls Is Forced Account Code Entry assigned to this extension?
  Is your dial mode (touch-tone or rotary) incorrect? Use Dial Mode (#201) to reset it.
  Has someone changed the Outgoing Call Restriction for the extension?
  Did someone lock the extension with Station Lock? Use Station Unlock from extension 10 or 11 to unlock it.
  Local telephone company may not be receiving signals accurately.
  Too many tip/ring devices may be trying to dial at once.

Local telephone company line may be faulty; unplug each line from its module and test it by using a single-line telephone:

  • If the trouble doesn’t occur on the single-line telephone, the problem is in your control unit.
    • If the trouble occurs on the single-line telephone, switch the line cord and try again. If this doesn’t work, call the telephone company.
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