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Can’t make outside calls from pool buttons on pooled extensions Is Forced Account Code Entry assigned to this extension?
  Is your dial mode (touch-tone or rotary) incorrect? Use Dial Mode (#201) to reset it.
  Has someone changed the Pool Access Restriction for the extension?
  Pool may not be assigned to the extension.
  There may not be enough lines assigned to the pool to support the usage.
  One or more local telephone company lines may be faulty; test each line from extension 10.
Calls are answered automatically If Automatic System Answer and/or Direct Extension Dial is turned on, turn it off.
  If an auxiliary device (fax, modem, voice messaging system, answering machine) answers when it should not; either:
• Check the device and adjust it to answer on a later ring or turn off auto-answer.
• Set the extension’s Line Ringing to Delayed Ring.
Auxiliary device doesn’t answer

Device may not recognize the system ringing pattern:

• Change the extension’s ring pattern by using
Distinctive Ring (#308).
• Change the setting for Intercom Dial Tone (#309) to Machine; the system will generate an outside dial tone for the extension.

Trouble hearing the person you called If you are using a speakerphone, try turning it off.
  If you have touch-tone dialing, you may have a faulty telephone or cord.


If you have rotary dialing, the Rotary Dialing Timeout (#108) interval is too long; reset it.
Automatically dialed calls beginning with star codes are misdialed Setting may not be inserting a long enough pause; use Star Code Dial Delay (#410) to increase setting.
Recall feature isn’t working

Increase Recall Timer Duration (#107) by 100 milliseconds. If using the feature disconnects the call, decrease Recall Timer Duration by 100 milliseconds.

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