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The connection between the 1600 DSL module and the service provider’s gateway is not working. The 1600 DSL module and the gateway used by the service provider are not communicating properly.Either something is faulty in the 1600 DSL module, or the configuration of the module does not match the configuration needed by the service provider’s gateway. Check the connection between the 1600
DSL module and the service provider’s gateway in the following order:
  1 Check the status of the module by looking at the SDSL port LED or by looking at the Reports menu in the terminal emulation program.
  2 Check the data link connection (Frame Relay or ATM).
  3 Check the voice gateway connection.
  4 Check the LAN connection.
Tip/ring device does not answer Device does not recognize the distinctive ringing pattern used by the system. Set Distinctive Ring (#308) for that extension to Not Active.
Tip/ring device does not dial out properly Device does not recognize the intercom dial tone generated by the system. Change the setting for Intercom Dial Tone (#309) for that extension to Machine.
Call records wrap on SMDR printout

SMDR Talk Time (#611) is set to Active and SMDR Output Format (#610) is set to 24 digits; the length of the fields is greater than the 80 characters supported by the printer.

  Reduce the font size, or increase the characters per- inch setting for the printer.
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