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Overview of User Guide Voicemail Pro
Logging in to Your Mailbox from Your Extension
Logging in to Your Mailbox from a Different Location
Setting up a Mailbox Access Code
Listen to Messages Overview
Listening to New Messages
Saving a Message
Listening to Old and Saved Messages
Deleting a Message
Forwarding a Message to E-mail
Forwarding a Message to a Different Extension
Forwarding a Message with a Message Header
Forwarding a Message to Your Saved Messages List
Forwarding Future New Messages to Email
Switching Message Forwarding Off
Setting up Email Notifications
Receiving an E-mail Alert for a New Message
Switching E-mail Forwarding and Alerts Off
Listening to Your Greeting Message

Saving Your Greeting Message
Setting Your Greeting Message to Play Continuously
Stopping Your Greeting Message from Playing Continuously
Changing Your Greeting Message
Changing Hunt Group Greeting Messages
Mailbox Administration
Options for Mailbox Callers
Summary of Mailbox Options
Voicemail Help Menu
Default Short Codes

Manager Index Pt1
Manager Index Pt2
Manager Index Pt3
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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.



About this Guide

This guide describes how to use the options for managing a mailbox in IP Office Mode. IP Office mode is the only mode of operation available if you are using Voicemail Lite. If you are using Voicemail Pro, your system administrator might have selected this mode for your mailbox.


  • If the first prompt that you hear when you log into your mailbox asks you to press 8 for help at any time, your mailbox is an IP Office mode mailbox. If the first prompt that you hear asks you to press *4 for help, your mailbox is an Intuity mailbox and this is not the correct guide. Contact your System Administrator if you need help to find out which mailbox mode you are using and to obtain a copy of the correct Mailbox User Guide.

This guide describes how to use the voicemail features using the dialling keys of any telephone device. In addition, some of the features offered by the voicemail system can be accessed as special features that are integrated with specific telephone devices. Details of how voicemail is integrated with the various handsets is not covered in this user guide but is left for inclusion in the user guide for each type of telephony device. The user guide for the telephony device on your desk should be available from your System Administrator.

Voicemail Pro can be customized for individual users and groups to provide different options. Contact your system administrator to find out if anything has been customized to make your mailbox work differently from the default settings.


This section describes the ways in which you can log into your mailbox to retrieve your voicemail messages, configure your mailbox greetings or both.

You can log in to your mailbox:

Remotely from a different location, for example when you are not in the office. For more information, see Logging in to Your Mailbox From a Different Location.

Your voicemail mailbox can be protected with an access code. If your system administrator activates this option, you need to enter your access code before you can check your messages. For more information about setting up an access code for your mailbox, see Setting up a Mailbox Access Code.

If you regularly log in to your mailbox from a location other than your own extension, you can ask your system administrator to set that location up as a trusted location. When you log in to your mailbox from a trusted location you are not asked for an access code.

By default your own extension is a trusted location. If your extension is in a public area you might want this changed so that you do need to enter your access code, even from your own extension.




























































































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