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Personal Numbering and Extended Greetings


Personal Numbering

Contact-ability is all-important in winning and maintaining business. VoiceMail Pro offers users the ability to remotely turn their voicemail on or off, set their email forwarding, edit their call forwarding and follow me numbers. Together these actions provide a comprehensive Personal Numbering service for the user who needs to remain in contact regardless of their physical location.

Extended Personal Greetings

In Intuity mode the VoiceMail Pro system has the ability to hold a number of greetings within each users mailbox that can be played to a caller. This provides the ability to present the caller with a greeting that reflects where the call has come from (internal or external) or why the called party is unable to take the call. A mailbox user can configure the responses that are played back to the caller, based upon the reason the caller was routed to the Voicemail. The supported call states are:

• Busy/Engaged – The user is currently on a call and unable to accept a second call.

• No Reply – The user is away from the desk and unable to take a call.

• Internal – A greeting to be played to internal calls

• External – The greeting to be played to external callers

• Out Of Hours – The greeting played when the system is operating ‘out of hours’. Out of hours is defined with IP Office Manager.

A greeting can be recorded for each of the above conditions through the Telephone User Interface (TUI). If a recording is made for each condition the order of play back to a caller will be:

1st - Out of hours, 2nd - Busy/Engaged, 3rd - Internal/External greeting, 4th - No reply

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A mailbox owner will need to record greetings against these conditions to deliver the greeting that they wish to present to a caller.

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