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 Using Text To Speech (TTS) Facilities within a Call flow


To further enhance the database facility, Text To Speech facilities can also be licensed. TTS facilities can enhance the callers experience by allowing the system to read back to them any information that has been captured from a database. In the examples above, a Book Shop system, the caller dials into the system and is asked for an ISBN number or for the Author’s name of the book they require. The caller enters an Authors name through the telephone keypad and the system locates the title of the book from the database. As well as finding the title, as in the wizard above, the system could also look up the Author of the book and whether there were any books in stock. By using TTS, the system could now respond to the call:

“ The book, Lord Of The Rings, costing $6.99, written by J.R.R Tolkien is in stock”.

Offering to allow the caller to order this book by entering contact and credit card details could now enhance this system further.

The TTS facility is provided as a license through the use of either the IPO LIC-IP400 Avaya TTS RFA 1 or IPO LIC - IP400 3rd PARTY TTS SPPRT RFA 1.

Each license purchased provides a single use of a TTS engine; multiple engines can be licensed on each VoiceMail Pro system. For example, a four port Voicemail may have two TTS licenses enabled, these two TTS engines will be used by all four VoiceMail ports on a first come first served basis. At any instance in time only two callers can use the TTS facility in this example. Purchasing additional licenses will increase the number of TTS engines available.

The Avaya TTS RFA1 utilizes the Avaya TTS engine. In addition to this license the TTS software media pack IPO CD - IPO AVAYA TTS CD SET will also need to be ordered, this is a 5 CD set containing the TTS engine software and all supported languages.

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The 3rd Party TTS SPPRT RFA provides the VoiceMail system with a SAPI 5 interface for use with another suppliers TTS engine. When using this license, VoiceMail Pro will look for a pre-installed SAPI 5 compliant TTS engine on the VoiceMail Pro server and utilize this for the delivery of TTS facilities. Once again a TTS RFA will be needed for each TTS engine that is required. For information, all Microsoft Server Operating systems are shipped with the Microsoft TTS engine included as part of the system. As a result this engine should be available for use by a customer as default. The Microsoft TTS engine will operate with VoiceMail Pro.

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The Avaya TTS engine currently includes 14 languages as default. During installation the Administrator can select which Languages they wish to have installed on the VoiceMail Pro server. Once installed on the VoiceMail Pro server the TTS engine can use any combination of these languages. The language used will be decided by the system or user localization that is configured. This means that multi language solutions can be easily provided, for example some users may have their emails read in US English and others have theirs read in Chinese. Within a Call flow, information can also be read back to callers in different languages by using the ‘System Prompt Language’ to select the require language. The languages currently supported by the Avaya TTS engine are:

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