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In addition to providing a unified mailbox for Voicemails, Emails and Fax message, VoiceMail Pro can also provide the ability to retrieve Voice and Email messages through the telephone. When operating in Intuity mode and with the system licensed for Text To Speech (TTS) facilities the user will be presented with a list of both Voicemail messages and Email messages. The Emails can be read out over the telephone in any of the supported 14 languages, based upon the system or user localization settings. The benefit to the user is that their messages are now accessible whilst in and out of the office through any telephone.

When accessing messages through the telephone all new Voicemail messages will be presented to the mailbox owner before any new Email messages. When accessing an Email message the system refers to the message as “New message with text”.

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The TTS facility is provided as a license through the use of either the IPO LIC-IP400 Avaya TTS RFA 1 or IPO LIC - IP400 3rd PARTY TTS SPPRT RFA 1.

The differences between these two licenses are the language support and a difference in the Email reading capability. With the Avaya TTS RFA a TTS engine is included with support for a minimum of 14 languages. All languages supported are included as part of the license charge. Furthermore, when reading Emails the Avaya TTS engine will analyzes (parse) the Email contents and only play out information that is appropriate. With the 3rd Party TTS RFA the whole textual content of the Email will be played to the caller resulting in a caller spending longer on the telephone whilst retrieving messages.

Configuring the reading of Emails to users is a simple exercise. Firstly, TTS services will be loaded onto the VoiceMail Pro server (the Avaya TTS media pack will install the Avaya TTS engine). Secondly a license key will need to be purchased and entered into IP Office manager. Thirdly, for each user who wishes to utilize Email reading, the user’s email address will need to be entered into the user profile details in IP Office Manager.

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