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As standard, VoiceMail Lite and Pro allow for a simple voicemail alert or the entire voicemail to be forwarded or copied to any MAPI or SMTP compliant Email application (Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Lotus Notes, etc.) as a .WAV file attachment. This allows emails and voicemails to be unified and collected from a single source – the email client.

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The simple alert option (which forwards only the time, date and caller’s number information) has been designed for use with commercial Short Message System (SMS) services whereby this information can be forwarded to the display on a Mobile/Cell Phone or Pager when the user is away from the desk. This email notification, forwarding and copying, can be done for all voice messages or on individual selection and can be activated remotely. This is beneficial if you are working from home and have an email connection available.

Forwarding voicemail to Email is one element of unified messaging and is particularly useful for group voicemail boxes as it allows a single voicemail message to be copied to the Email of every member in that group.

While not directly supplying or supporting fax software, the same result can be achieved with fax to the desktop or client fax applications when using fax servers. This then allows an Email client (e.g.: Microsoft Outlook) to be utilized as an easily affordable unified messaging solution. The many benefits of unified messaging include security (as faxes are sent to the users PC rather than on paper for everyone to see), ease-of-use and efficiency in terms of storage and retrieval of messages and the great gains that can be made in overall workforce efficiency and productivity.

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To enhance the support of Third Party Fax solutions VoiceMail Pro supports the automatic detection of incoming fax calls. Traditionally a dedicated telephone number will be provided for all incoming fax calls. In addition to, or as an alternative to, the VoiceMail Pro ‘Menu’ action can automatically detect any incoming fax calls and then utilize its comprehensive routing capabilities to direct the call to a predefined location. The benefit to a business is that only one number is required for either voice or fax calls.

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