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Using the Select System Prompt

The  Select System Prompt action (Voicemail Pro 1.2.6 or higher) allows the language used within a call flow to be changed from that of the IP Office system or the mailbox user's locale.

In a small hotel, Voicemail Pro is providing mailboxes for rooms. To assist the room users, we want to start message collection by letting them indicate their preferred language for voicemail prompts.


  1. First we created a module for language selection.

    •  The module contains a Menu action with a Select System Prompt action set to the required language for each key press.

    • For the Menu action we recorded an Entry Prompt asking the user to indicate their language choice; "Press 1 for English, 2 por Español, 3 pour Français".

    • The Select System Prompt actions were all connected Module Return actions.

  1. Next we altered the default start point for message collection. We inserted the Language Select module and a Get Mail action.

  1. Yes, we could have inserted the actions for language selection directly into the call flow. However, by doing it as a module we can reuse the language selection process in other start points.



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