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Telecommunications Consulting

Basic Actions Tab
Call List, Dial by Name and Conferencing Center Action
Logging in to Your Mailbox from a Different Location
Conditions Actions Tab
Configuration Actions Tab
Database Actions Tab
Queue Actions Tab
Mailbox Actions Tab
Miscellaneous Actions Tab
Post Dial Action, VB Script
Overview of Actions
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Telephony Actions Tab
Basic Voicemail Pro (Compact) Software Installation
Introduction to Campaigns
Adding, Modifying & Deleting Campaigns
Centralized Voicemail Pro
Set Up Centralized Voicemail Pro
Changing SMTP and MAPI Settings

Voicemail Pro Components
Available Condition Elements
The Voicemail Console
Customizing Auto Recording
Customizing Queuing
Start Points Voicemail Pro
Dial by Name Call Flow
System Preferences: Directories
Triggering Manual Call Recording

VM Pro Modules
English Non-Intuity Prompts .WAV Files IP Office
Voicemail Pro Callback (Outcalling)
Overview of VoiceMail Pro for IP Office
Recording Calls
Retrieving Data from the Database
Running the Service as a Console
Using Select System Prompt
Setting the Record Times, Frequency and Destination
Using the Speak Text Action
Start Points Voicemail Pro
Switching Custom Prompts - Using $LOC
System Settings
Installing Generic Text to Speech
Transferring Callers to Voicemail
Simple Mailbox Customization
Upgrading from Voicemail Lite
US English Intuity Prompts .WAV Files VM PRO
User Source Number Configuration
Vb Script Action
Connections Voicemail Pro
Importing and Exporting Voicemail Pro
Voicemail Pro Dial by Name
Overview of Voicemail Pro
Configuring VPNM Accounts on Voicemail Pro
Installing Voicemail Pro Software with VPNM Support

Wave Editor

Manager Index Pt1
Manager Index Pt2
Manager Index Pt3

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Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office platform is the ultimate in converged voice and data technology. IP Office brings a combination of voice and data applications formerly reserved for only the largest corporations. Cutting edge customer service with easy to use tools is now available to the smallest of businesses.



US English Intuity Prompts

The following a list of the numbered used by Voicemail Pro for US English. These are predominately, though not exclusively, used for Intuity mailbox features.

All files are Microsoft WAVE file format (.wav) 8kHz, 16 bit mono.

IMPORTANT: It is important to note that the corresponding .wav file in other languages is not the same prompt.

  • 4.wav: "Not private".

  • 8.wav: "To record a new message press 4".

  • 13.wav: "To record press 1 after recording press 1 again".

  • 14.wav: "To make private press 1, to make public press 2".

  • 15.wav: "And is".

  • 18.wav: "To forward with comments press 2".

  • 19.wav: "To review from beginning press *1, if finished press *#".

  • 21.wav: "To listen press 0".

  • 24.wav: "To delete press *D".

  • 27.wav: "To attach original, press y for yes or n for no".

  • 35.wav: "Login incorrect".

  • 41.wav: "To forward message with comment at beginning, press 2".

  • 43.wav: "Your call is being answered by IP Office".

  • 44.wav: "Is not available to leave a message wait for the tone".

  • 45.wav: "Is busy to leave a message wait for the tone".

  • 46.wav: "To access your mailbox press *R".

  • 49.wav: "No operator defined".

  • 56.wav: "Thank you for leaving your message".

  • 58.wav: "For name addressing press *A".

  • 60.wav: "Changed".

  • 61.wav: "To modify status, press 9 for yes, or 6 for no".

  • 63.wav: "New".

  • 65.wav: "Contains".

  • 67.wav: "To create another list".

  • 70.wav: "Unopened".

  • 71.wav: "To leave a message wait for the tone".

  • 73.wav: "You have".

  • 74.wav: "Deleted".

  • 75.wav: "To skip press # to delete press *D".

  • 77.wav: "Deleted".

  • 80.wav: "To have system wait press *W if finished please hang up or to disconnected IP Office press **X".

  • 84.wav: "entry".

  • 85.wav: "Erased".

  • 86.wav: "Extension".

  • 87.wav: "This call is experiencing difficulties".

  • 88.wav: "Cannot use the guest password".

  • 89.wav: "First message".

  • 91.wav: "At end".

  • 94.wav: "Goodbye".

  • 95.wav: "Please disconnect".

  • 96.wav: "For help press *H".

  • 97.wav: "For help at anytime press *H".

  • 100.wav: "Invalid Entry".

  • 105.wav: "To restart at the activity menu press *R".

  • 108.wav: "You are recording a message".

  • 109.wav: "Later".

  • 110.wav: "List".

  • 111.wav: "Please enter list ID".

  • 112.wav: "Otherwise for assistance press Zero now".

  • 113.wav: "You already have a list".

  • 114.wav: "To replace list renter ID and # sign, to create a new list enter new list ID".

  • 115.wav: "To transfer using names instead press *2".

  • 117.wav: "To reach the covering extension press *Zero".

  • 118.wav: "Enter last name".

  • 119.wav: "You wish to call".

  • 120.wav: "Too large to include".

  • 124.wav: "No more list space".

  • 125.wav: "Must be six or fewer numerals".

  • 126.wav: "To forward message with comment at end press 3".

  • 127.wav: "Returned to previous activity".

  • 130.wav: "Because there were no entries".

  • 134.wav: "You can store your list or delete members but you cannot add members".

  • 141.wav: "No more lists".

  • 142.wav: "To listen to the header press 3".

  • 143.wav: "To set back again press 2".

  • 145.wav: "List has no entries".

  • 146.wav: "To continue press #".

  • 147.wav: "Review completed".

  • 148.wav: "For extension addressing press *2".

  • 150.wav: "Members".

  • 156.wav: "Maximum length recorded".

  • 159.wav: "Member".

  • 160.wav: "Message".

  • 161.wav: "Midnight".

  • 163.wav: "To call sender press zero".

  • 164.wav: "Category".

  • 165.wav: "Returned to getting messages".

  • 166.wav: "At end to play back press 23".

  • 167.wav: "To approve press #, to record from here press 1, to play back press 23".

  • 168.wav: "Messages".

  • 170.wav: "Delivery scheduled".

  • 173.wav: "Please enter new password".

  • 175.wav: "Please note only IP Office subscribers can be specified by name".

  • 178.wav: "No addresses identified".

  • 180.wav: "Nothing to approve".

  • 182.wav: "Nothing to delete".

  • 185.wav: "Not found".

  • 188.wav: "Passwords do not match please enter new password".

  • 191.wav: "No more messages".

  • 192.wav: "No messages".

  • 193.wav: "No name recorded".

  • 194.wav: "No new messages".

  • 197.wav: "Cannot step back".

  • 198.wav: "Partial name deleted".

  • 201.wav: "Noon".

  • 202.wav: "Not valid".

  • 208.wav: "Is not a public list".

  • 209.wav: "Cannot modify another subscriber's list".

  • 210.wav: "Please enter a new password".

  • 211.wav: "To 15 digits".

  • 212.wav: "Please password enter again for confirmation, to delete the password you just entered press *D".

  • 213.wav: "Re-enter password".

  • 214.wav: "Approved".

  • 219.wav: "Owned by".

  • 220.wav: "Enter password".

  • 223.wav: "Please enter extension".

  • 224.wav: "And # sign".

  • 226.wav: "Private".

  • 227.wav: "Public".

  • 228.wav: "Record at the tone".

  • 232.wav: "Recording stopped".

  • 233.wav: "Previous login incorrect please re-enter extension".

  • 234.wav: "To respond or forward press 1".

  • 235.wav: "To restart at the activity menu press *R, to transfer to another extension press *T".

  • 236.wav: "Try again".

  • 238.wav: "To review another list".

  • 240.wav: "To skip press #, to listen press zero".

  • 242.wav: "Returned to the".

  • 243.wav: "Rewound".

  • 244.wav: "Rewound to previous message".

  • 252.wav: "To respond to this message press 1".

  • 253.wav: "Please enter month, day".

  • 255.wav: "To delete this message press *D".

  • 256.wav: "At beginning to re-record press 1 to playback press 23".

  • 262.wav: "Received".

  • 272.wav: "Contact administrator for help".

  • 274.wav: "Please make entry soon or be disconnected".

  • 275.wav: "Cannot get your messages now due to multiple logins to your mailbox".

  • 277.wav: "To exit directory press #".

  • 282.wav: "To have system wait press *W, to access the names or numbers directory press **N. If finished please hang up or to disconnected IP Office press **X".

  • 285.wav: "To add a member enter extension".

  • 286.wav: "To add a member enter last name".

  • 287.wav: "Welcome to IP Office".

  • 288.wav: "You are in the main directory. To find a subscribers extension, enter the last name followed by the # sign. To enter the letter Q press 7, for z press 9. To lookup by extension instead press *2".

  • 290.wav: "If you wish to specify a non IP office subscriber, first change to extension addressing by pressing *A".

  • 291.wav: "To transfer to another extension press *T".

  • 292.wav: "Louder press 4, softer press 7, faster press 9, slower press 8".

  • 294.wav: "To add entries press 1".

  • 295.wav: "To renter list press *5".

  • 298.wav: "To specify owner by name press *2".

  • 300.wav: "AM".

  • 301.wav: "PM".

  • 305.wav: "you are at the activity menu".

  • 306.wav: "you are changing your password".

  • 310.wav ... 321.wav: Months "January" to "December".

  • 322.wav: "You are in the numbers directory. To find a subscribers name, enter the extension followed by the # sign. To lookup by name instead press #2".

  • 323.wav: "You are responding to a piece of incoming mail".

  • 325.wav: "You are administering your lists. To create a mailing list press 1, to play a summary of all your lists press 2, to review a particular list press 3".

  • 327.wav: "You are creating a mailing list".

  • 328.wav: "To delete the previous entry, press *D. To approve the list you are creating and move on to the next step press #".

  • 329.wav: "You have not yet entered enough characters to identify a specific subscriber. To enter the letter Q press 7, for Z press 9".

  • 330.wav: "Or enter just the # sign if it is your phone".

  • 332.wav: "System greeting used".

  • 333.wav: "To add entries to the list or to change status of the list press 1".

  • 334.wav: "When finished addressing press #".

  • 335.wav: "When finished press #".

  • 339.wav: "To replay the last few seconds press 5 to advance a few seconds press 6".

  • 347.wav: "You are adding a list".

  • 348.wav: "You are specifying a mailing list to review".

  • 350.wav ... 356.wav: Days "Sunday" to "Saturday".

  • 357.wav: "You are choosing between subscribers whose names match your entry. To indicate no subscribers match, delete entry by pressing *3. To change to extension addressing and delete your entry press *2".

  • 358.wav: "You are identifying a list as private or public".

  • 360.wav: "You are scanning mailing lists, to review list members press 0, to rewind to previous list press 2, to continue scanning lists press 3".

  • 361.wav: "To skip to next list press #, to delete list press *3".

  • 362.wav: "If you own the list press #, if some else owns the list".

  • 363.wav: "To approve the list you are creating press #".

  • 364.wav: "Enter owner's extension".

  • 367.wav: "To specify a different owner by name press *3".

  • 370.wav: "These are entries in your list".

  • 371.wav: "To rewind to current entry press 2, to rewind to previous entry press 2 as many times as necessary, to continue playback of list press 3".

  • 372.wav: "To skip to next entry press #, to delete current entry press *D".

  • 373.wav: "You are choosing whether to attach a copy of original message to your reply. To include the original press y for yes, to send only your reply press n for no".

  • 376.wav: "To skip the next header press the # sign to listen to the header rewind by pressing 2 then play by pressing 3 to skip to the next category press *#".

  • 377.wav: "To delete message press *D".

  • 380.wav: "Please wait".

  • 381.wav: "To listen to the message press 0, to re record message before delivery press 1".

  • 388.wav: "To skip press the # key".

  • 390.wav: "O" (Oh).

  • 391.wav ... 450.wav: Numbers "One" to "Sixty". For zero see 585.wav.

  • 451.wav: "Seventy".

  • 452.wav: "Eighty".

  • 453.wav: "Ninety".

  • 454.wav: "Hundred".

  • 455.wav: "Thousand".

  • 456.wav: "Million".

  • 464.wav: "Enter extension".

  • 468.wav: "To continue playing press 3".

  • 471.wav: "If it's your list press #".

  • 472.wav: "To approve press #, to record from here press 1".

  • 477.wav: "Press 1 to select".

  • 478.wav: "2 to select".

  • 479.wav: "3 to select".

  • 484.wav: "Enter more characters followed by the # sign. If you just completed entering the last name enter the first name".

  • 485.wav: "Has".

  • 486.wav: "To reply to sender by voicemail press 1".

  • 493.wav: "You are requesting a transfer".

  • 499.wav: "When finished recording press # to approve or 1 to edit your message".

  • 556.wav: "To exit press *# now".

  • 561.wav: "You addressing your message".

  • 562.wav: "Enter the".

  • 563.wav: "Digit extension".

  • 569.wav: "To modify press 1, if finished press *#".

  • 577.wav: "To hold the message in its current category press **H".

  • 578.wav: "To skip to the next category press *#".

  • 579.wav: "Password must be".

  • 585.wav: "Zero".

  • 587.wav: "You are reviewing a list".

  • 601.wav: "Priority".

  • 604.wav: "As you use IP office, your name will be included in system announcements that you and other people will hear. Press 1 and at the tone please speak your name. After speaking your name press 1 again".

  • 606.wav: "To re-record your name press 1, to approve press #".

  • 608.wav: "At the tone please speak your name. After speaking your name press 1".

  • 610.wav: "You are recording your name. After you record your name, you can access other IP Office features. As you use IP office your name will be included in system announcements that you and other people will hear. Press 1 and at the tone please speak your first and last name as you would like others to hear it. After speaking your name press 1 again".

  • 611.wav: "You are recording your name. To record your name, press 1. After recording press 1 again. To play back name press 23, to approve press #".

  • 612.wav: "To make private press 1".

  • 613.wav: "To make priority press 2".

  • 617.wav: "To remove private status press 1".

  • 618.wav: "To remove priority status press 2".

  • 622.wav: "Not priority".

  • 643.wav: "You are choosing options for this message there are currently no options set".

  • 644.wav: "You are choosing options for this message with the current settings".

  • 645.wav: "Private messages cannot be forwarded by the recipients".

  • 646.wav: "A priority message will be delivered before other messages and will be flagged for special attention in the recipients mailbox".

  • 647.wav: "The message will be private".

  • 648.wav: "The message will be priority".

  • 651.wav: "The message will be private and priority".

  • 681.wav: "Sorry cannot leave a message now because this users mailbox is full".

  • 700.wav: "To administer mailing lists press 1, to administer personal directory press 2".

  • 701.wav: "To change your password press 4".

  • 702.wav: "To record your name press 5".

  • 703.wav: "You are at subscriber administration".

  • 704.wav: "To create lists press 1, to scan lists press 2, to review and modify lists press 3".

  • 707.wav: "If finished press *#".

  • 708.wav: "If finished adding entries press #".

  • 736.wav: "You are recording your name. As you use IP office your name will be included in system announcements that you and other people will hear".

  • 744.wav: "For all calls".

  • 745.wav: "Active".

  • 747.wav: "For internal calls".

  • 748.wav: "To external calls".

  • 749.wav: "For busy calls".

  • 750.wav: "For no answer calls".

  • 751.wav: "For out of hours calls".

  • 752.wav: "To listen to a greeting press 0, to create change or delete a greeting press 1, to scan all your greetings press 2, to activate a greeting press 3, to administer call types press 4, if finished press #".

  • 753.wav: "Enter greeting number".

  • 754.wav: "Greeting".

  • 755.wav: "Not recorded".

  • 756.wav: "To listen to greeting".

  • 757.wav: "To re-record, press 1".

  • 759.wav: "To review status, press 2".

  • 760.wav: "Press 0".

  • 764.wav: "To use this greeting for all calls press 0, for internal calls press 1, for external calls press 2".

  • 765.wav: "Recorded but not active".

  • 766.wav: "To use this greeting for all calls press 1".

  • 767.wav: "To use this greeting for all calls press 0, for busy calls press 1, for no answer calls press 2".

  • 770.wav: "Recorded and active".

  • 771.wav: "Approved and active".

  • 772.wav: "Again".

  • 773.wav: "To activate for out of hours call press 3".

  • 775.wav: "To record messages press 1 to get messages press 2 to administer personal greetings press 3".

  • 776.wav: "The system greeting".

  • 777.wav: "Cannot listen to system greeting".

  • 778.wav: "Cannot modify system greeting".

  • 779.wav: "No greetings recorded".

  • 780.wav: "Personal greetings review completed".

  • 781.wav: "To skip to the next greeting press the # sign".

  • 782.wav: "To activate a greeting enter greeting number to de-activate a greeting activate a different greeting in its place".

  • 783.wav: "To activate another greeting enter greeting number to de-activate a greeting activate a different greeting in its place".

  • 784.wav: "To activate system greeting enter 0".

  • 785.wav: "Same greeting used for all calls".

  • 786.wav: "To identify calls as internal and external press 1".

  • 787.wav: "To identify calls as busy and no answer press 2".

  • 788.wav: "To identify calls as out of hours press 3".

  • 790.wav: "Calls identified as internal and external".

  • 791.wav: "Calls identified as busy and no answer".

  • 792.wav: "Calls identified as out of hours".

  • 793.wav: "Calls not identified as out of hours".

  • 797.wav: "To use same greeting for all calls press 5".

  • 814.wav: "Calls".

  • 815.wav: "You are administering your personal greetings".

  • 816.wav: "You are listening to a personal greeting".

  • 817.wav: "You are recording a personal greeting".

  • 818.wav: "You have just recorded".

  • 819.wav: "You are scanning your personal greetings".

  • 820.wav: "You are selecting which greeting to activate".

  • 821.wav: "You administering call types".

  • 822.wav: "As you use IP office, your name will be included in system announcements that you and other people will hear. At the tone please speak your name, after speaking your name press 1".

  • 823.wav: "For all calls".

  • 825.wav: "For internal".

  • 826.wav: "For external".

  • 827.wav: "For busy".

  • 828.wav: "For no answer".

  • 829.wav: "For out of hours".

  • 830.wav: "You must approve your recording".

  • 832.wav: "Please enter extension and # sign".

  • 839.wav: "To rewind to the previous greeting press 2".

  • 843.wav: "To scan headers and messages press 1, to scan headers only press 2, to scan messages only press 3".

  • 844.wav: "End of message".

  • 845.wav: "Next message".

  • 846.wav: "You are selecting an option for automatic message scan".

  • 847.wav: "You are automatically scanning your incoming messages. To listen to the message press 0, to respond to or forward the message press 1".

  • 848.wav: "You are automatically scanning your incoming messages. To listen to the message press 0 to respond to the message press 1".

  • 849.wav: "To skip the next message press the # sign, to the listen to the header rewind by pressing 2, then play by pressing 3, to skip to the next category press *#".

  • 850.wav: "Broadcast and login message services are not available".

  • 852.wav: "To rewind to the current entry press 2, to rewind to previous entry press 2 as many times as necessary".

  • 868.wav: "Mailbox id must be less than or equal to less than 16 digits".

  • 869.wav: "If the extension entered belongs to a casual subscriber you will be prompted for a mailbox id".

  • 905.wav: Short silence.

  • 907.wav: 2 seconds of silence.

  • 913.wav: "If finished press #".

  • 915.wav: "No options menu available".

  • 916.wav: "To send message press # or enter an option to hear a list of options press 0".

  • 924.wav: "Seconds".

  • 925.wav: "Minutes".

  • 926.wav: Beep.

  • 928.wav: "New messages".

  • 929.wav: "Old messages".

  • 935.wav: "Unopened messages".

  • 936.wav: "Partial entry deleted".

  • 937.wav: "Sorry you are having difficulty please get help and try again later".

  • 938.wav ... 968.wav: Ordinal numbers "1st" to "31st".

  • 971.wav: "To send press #".

  • 972.wav: "To reach the covering extension press Zero".

  • 973.wav: "If you are finished please hang up or press **X".

  • 977.wav: "Name not found".

  • 987.wav: "Enter last name of the person".

  • 990.wav: "To record and send voicemail messages press 1".

  • 992.wav: "To get messages press 2".

  • 1001.wav: "To scan incoming messages automatically press 7, to relogon press **R".

  • 1006.wav: "To record or change the greeting heard by callers press 3".

  • 1010.wav: "With priority".

  • 1020.wav: "No message to send".

  • 1048.wav: "Nothing to print".

  • 1052.wav: "To specify your fax preferences press 3".

  • 1061.wav: "Your default print destination is...".

  • 1075.wav: "To change the default print destination press 1".

  • 1092.wav: "A default print destination has not been assigned".

  • 1118.wav: "You are specifying the default print destination for fax items".

  • 1141.wav: "When finished recording press # for more options".

  • 1144.wav: "To specify whether a message can be addressed before it is recorded press 6".

  • 1145.wav: "To administer call answer options press 7".

  • 1152.wav: "Address before record turned on".

  • 1153.wav: "To turn off press 1".

  • 1154.wav: "Address before record turned off".

  • 1155.wav: "To turn on press 1".

  • 1157.wav: "You are administering addressing options".

  • 1158.wav: "To prevent callers from leaving messages press 1".

  • 1159.wav: "Call answer messages will not be accepted".

  • 1160.wav: "To allow callers to leave messages press 1".

  • 1161.wav: "You are administering call answer options".

  • 1162.wav: "Sorry the mailbox you have reached is not accepting messages at this time".

  • 1163.wav: "Is not available".

  • 1164.wav: "Call answer messages will be accepted".

  • 1219.wav: "To review or change your reach options press 7".

  • 1305.wav: "Please enter an outcalling option to hear a list of options press 0".

  • 1430.wav: "To following message was restored".

  • 1431.wav: "No message to restore".

  • 1432.wav: "To undelete last deleted message press **U".

  • 1434.wav: "To return to getting messages press #".

  • 1440.wav: Beep.

  • 1443.wav: "Voice file system is out of space".

  • 1444.wav: "Please contact the administrator".

  • 1457.wav: "Old and new passwords cannot be the same".

  • 1461.wav: "You are getting your incoming messages".

  • 1462.wav: "To listen to the message press Zero".

  • 1463.wav: "To reply to sender by voicemail press 17".

  • 1464.wav: "To forward with comments press 12".

  • 1465.wav: "To record a new message press 14".

  • 1466.wav: "To respond to or forward the message press 1".

  • 1467.wav: "The return address for this message is not a mailbox on this system".

  • 1469.wav: "To reply to sender by voicemail press 7".

  • 1964.wav: "The ability for callers to leave messages in your mailbox is turned off".

  • 1965.wav: "To allow callers to leave messages press 571".

  • 1970.wav: "Invalid password please enter new password and # sign".

  • 2007.wav: "with text".

  • 2008.wav: "with other media".

  • 2010.wav: "zero".

  • 2011.wav: "bytes".

  • 2012.wav: "byte".

  • 2013.wav: "kilobyte".

  • 2014.wav: "kilobytes".

  • 2015.wav: "megabyte".

  • 2016.wav: "megabytes".

  • 2018.wav: "and".

  • 2019.wav: "message from".

  • 2021.wav: "private".

  • 2022.wav: "private priority".

  • 2023.wav: "priority".

  • 2025.wav: "call from".

  • 2026.wav: "call received".

  • 2030.wav: "voice".

  • 2031.wav: "fax".

  • 2032.wav: "text".

  • 2033.wav: "attached file".

  • 2035.wav: "to advance to the end of the message press *6".

  • 2038.wav: "rewound".

  • 2039.wav: "component".

  • 2040.wav: "to listen press 3".

  • 2041.wav: "to customize your mailbox, for example to change your password, press 5".

  • 2051.wav: "your password cannot be the same as your extension number consecutive digits or a single repeated digit please enter new password and the # key".

  • 2052.wav: "at beginning of message to step back to previous message press *2 to listen press Zero".

  • 2053.wav: "approximately".

  • 2057.wav: "at beginning of message".

  • 2061.wav: "To enter the telephone number of a fax machine press **5".

  • 2063.wav: "Enter the telephone number of a fax machine followed by the # sign".

  • 4409.WAV ... 4434.wav: Alphabetic characters "A" to "Z".







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