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1st Time Logging into VoiceMail Pro

First Time Login

The first time you call your mailbox you will be prompted to record your name and change the mailbox password. The name you record will be used in various system announcements and in the voicemail system's directory search.

Typically your mailbox number matches your extension number, the internal number people dial to call you. Your system administrator will tell you if your mailbox number is different.

Similarly your system administrator will tell you if your mailbox already has an password set. Normally it won't as the system makes you set a password during your first login.

  1. Dial *17 .

  2. Enter you extension number and press #.

  3. Enter your password and press #. If no password has not been set yet just press just #.

  4. You will be asked to enter a new password. You can change the password again at a later date through the mailbox personal options.

    • Enter a new password and press #. Note that your password cannot be the same as your extension number or a set of repeated digit or consecutive numbers.

    • Re-enter the new password and press #.

  5. You will be asked to record your name. You can record your name again at a later date through the mailbox personal options.

    • Press 1. At the tone, speak your name and then press 1 again. Your recording will be played back.

    • Either press # to accept the recording or 1 to record again.

  6. After you log in, the voice prompts tell you what to do. A chart of many of the controls is given in Mailbox Controls.

    • For help at any time press *4.

    • To return to the activity menu press *7.

    • If you are at the end of a menu, you can return to the previous menu by pressing #.


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