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Carroll Communications, Inc. provides Avaya voice mail systems including the Merlin Mail Voice Messaging System, Partner Messaging products and IP Office Voice Mail.

Voicemail is one of the many applications provided to increase business efficiency and improve client handling. Avaya Voicemail provides the equivalent of a telephone answering machine on every employee’s desk, indeed, voicemail facilities can be allocated to remote employees even though they may not have a desk or telephone in the main office.

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Avaya voicemail also allows callers to leave messages for you when you are out of the office, away from your desk or engaged on another telephone call. Voicemail messages can be retrieved either locally or remotely via any telephone (you will be prompted for a PIN number if you are using any telephone other than your allocated extension or a trusted location e.g. your mobile telephone).

Merlin Messaging WinSPM

An integrated module that supports 100 hours of message storage, up to 12 ports in two-port increments, and a maximum of 200 mailboxes. System administration is performed via touch-tone telephone user interface (TUI), or optional graphical user interface (GUI) through an included local area network (LAN) port.

Partner Messaging

In addition to offering a wide range of productivity, accessibility and service-enhancing features, PARTNER voice messaging solutions come sized and priced to fit your needs--whether you are just starting out with voice mail or want to expand your capabilities. And with the choice of PARTNER voice messaging solutions, you can start small and grow your voice mail features and capacity as you grow your business.

PARTNER Messaging products are available in three sizes to fit your specific needs for mailbox capacity, message storage time, and messaging features. All three models deliver powerful, yet easy-to-use, voice messaging capabilities that simply plug into your new or existing PARTNER system. Ideal for small but growing businesses, these cost-effective units feature the following:

PARTNER Voice Messaging Release 3.0 (PVM R3) Small: provides 2-port capacity and supports up to 4 mailboxes

PARTNER Voice Messaging Release 3.0 (PVM R3) Large: provides 2-port capacity and supports up to 12 mailboxes

PARTNER Messaging Release 1.0 (PMR1): provides 2-, 4-, and 6-port capacity and supports up to 200 mailboxes

IP Office communication solutions come with IP Office VoiceMail Lite,the standard voice mail application that offers a complete voice messaging solution. VoiceMail Pro enhances the VoiceMail Lite version by supporting up to 30 simultaneous calls depending on the Avaya IP Office platform used and offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). In addition it provides an Advanced Call Flow to create, for example, an auto attendant that simplifies service for your customers and improves their satisfaction through standard and customized automated services.

Integrated Messaging Pro is an optional application for IP Office Voice Mail Pro that gives you a single point of management for e-mail and voice mail messages. It integrates with a Microsoft Exchange server e-mail system to give you easy and convenient access to your messages.

A multimedia messaging system with automated attendant capability that supports 100 hours of storage, up to 16 voice ports, 4 fax ports, and 1,000 mailboxes. The optional Visual Mailbox enables users to process and manage voice and fax messages using their PCs in combination with point-and-click procedures.

Definity Audix Voice Mail
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Avaya Voice Mail


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