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Voicemail is one of the many applications provided to increase business efficiency and improve client handling. Voicemail provides the equivalent of a telephone answering machine on every employee’s desk, indeed, voicemail facilities can be allocated to remote employees even though they may not have a desk or telephone in the main office

Voicemail allows callers to leave messages for you when you are out of the office, away from your desk or engaged on another telephone call. Voicemail messages can be retrieved either locally or remotely via any telephone (you will be prompted for a PIN number if you are using any telephone other than your allocated extension or a trusted location e.g. your mobile telephone).

Avaya IP Office Telephone Systems

Alternatively, you can forward your voicemail to your email and collect it via your PC. This approach allows you to use your PC to display your two different types of messages. It also frees your telephone for incoming calls whilst using your PC to playback your voicemail. You can then also forward your voicemail, just like any email. For full integration with Microsoft Exchange server and control of voicemails from your client PC, please see Integrated Messaging Pro.

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Voicemail, when used in conjunction with IP Office’s PhoneManager application, ensures that you will never miss a customer call again, even when the caller decides not to leave you a voicemail message. In this case the caller’s number will be left on the Caller Display of your telephone and/or your PC screen allowing you to dial them back upon your return.

All IP Office systems have been specifically designed to give a business a competitive edge, by providing a total communications system. To this end a Voicemail application is provided as standard on all IP Office systems.

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Four voicemail modes of operation are available:

• Centralized Intuity Audix

• VoiceMail Lite

• VoiceMail Pro

• VoiceMail Pro networked with other VoiceMail systems

VoiceMail Lite is the standard voicemail application provided with all IP Office platforms. VoiceMail Pro builds on the features and facilities offered by VoiceMail Lite and can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a business by adding applications such as auto-attendant, call recording and advanced Call Queuing.

Both VoiceMail Lite and VoiceMail Pro applications can reside on a Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP PC. Communication between IP Office and this ‘VoiceMail server’ is via IP over a LAN connection. No specific hardware is required – not even a PC sound card.

The VoiceMail server is multi-lingual and can offer different prompts depending on the user’s preferred language, independently of the other internal users’ set-ups. Similarly, external callers can hear prompts in their own language depending on their incoming call route (e.g. based on CLI/ANI or DDI/DID). This is very useful to multinational companies or in multi-lingual markets.

Avaya IP Office Voicemail

VoiceMail Lite
VoiceMail Lite is the standard voice mail application that offers a complete voice messaging solution.

VoiceMail Pro
VoiceMail Pro adds significant value to VoiceMail Lite with increased capacity and refined services.

Integrated Messaging Solutions
The PhoneManager application delivers this advantage by allowing you to control the telephone terminal from a PC-making traditional call centre information such as caller identification, number dialled by the caller, call history, and queue monitoring available to every employee.

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Avaya IP Office Voicemail


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