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Integrated Messaging Pro-IP Office

Integrated Messaging Pro (Microsoft Exchange only)


Integrated Messaging Pro allows increased productivity through easier management and prioritization of email and voicemail messages through one inbox. This optional application integrates IP Office VoiceMail Pro and Microsoft Exchange email systems.

With Integrated Messaging Pro software installed on your PC you will find that your Voicemail messages will appear in your Inbox along with your Email messages. A Voicemail message is shown with a telephone icon. To listen to the message open it by double clicking on it.

By keeping the voicemail messages on the Voicemail Server, bandwidth is kept to a minimum (each message is only a few hundred bytes rather than a few Megabytes) and therefore reduces the load on the computer network). When message files are transferred from the Voicemail server to the Email server using Integrated Messaging Pro the files are compressed using GSM compression to reduce the overhead on the network (approximately 1:11 compression of a .WAV file).

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Users can listen to their voicemails either through their PC speakers, an associated desktop terminal, at home or on a Mobile/Cell Phone if diverts are set at the desktop. The latter option is useful when working from home or on the road as it avoids downloading large voicemail files for playback on a multimedia PC.

Integrated Messaging Pro user interface

The interface offers the following options to the user of Integrated Messaging Pro on IP Office:>


• Playback via your handset, multimedia PC or Mobile/Cell Phone

• Forward voicemails to other mailboxes

• Delete

• Answer in any order

• Copy

• Fast Forward

• Rewind

• Time and Date stamp

• CLI/ANI information if external, or caller’s name if internal


When presented in Outlook, voicemails will appear similar to emails. Contained within the header message will be the caller’s number information (if the CLI/ANI is available) or a name if the call is internal. If the name is not contained within the IP Office directory then the extension number will be shown.

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With Integrated Messaging Pro, the email server and desktop terminal are synchronized i.e. deleting a voicemail will remove the relevant email notification and, vice versa, the red message waiting light on the desktop telephone terminal will disappear if a voice message is deleted within Outlook.

Within Intuity mode on VoiceMail Pro voicemail messages can be marked as Private or Priority. Any Priority message received is shown with a red exclamation next to the telephone icon. A private message is indicated with a padlock shown in the toolbar when a message is opened.

Integrated Messaging Pro-IP Office

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