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Key Features

  • 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 ports to receive or playback up to 12 simultaneous messages.
  • Up to 12 Delayed Announcement Service (DSA) ports can be configured to support Call Center overflow. Get 4 ports DAS with DAS only Card. 2 Port license Card yields 2 VMS & 4 DAS or 6 DAS.
  • Up to 100 hours of message storage for the capacity you need.
  • Up to 200 mailboxes fo all your employees and guests.
  • www.messenger for MERLIN Messaging comes standard and offers visual access to voice messages over a LAN from a standard web browser.
  • Modular cicuit pack slides right into your MERLIN Control Unit; no need for extra wall space, extra power supply, extra surge protector, cables or analog station circuit packs.
  • PC based Administration GUI (Graphics User Interface).
  • Full backup and restore capabilities over a LAN to any type of storage device.
  • 4 Automated Attendants enable different coverage for different departments or tenant services.
  • Separate day, night and holiday schedules for each Automated Attendant.
  • Multilingual support - U.S. English, Canadian French and Latin American Spanish.
  • Up to 6 personal greetings can be recorded. Delivering different announcements for internal and external callers.
  • Get the number of new and old messages in your mailbox displayed on your telephone display.
  • Have system Return Calls to internal callers directly after listening to voice mail.
  • Cascaded outcalling can call an employee's home phone, cellular phone or pager to announce new messages.
  • Personal operator feature transfers callers from your mailbox to designated co-workers.
  • Any mailbox in answer-only mode can be used as a bulletin board giving callers routine messages.
  • Message Waiting light activation for new messages only.
  • Besides the 10 System Group Lists, get up to 10 personal group lists per subscriber to make team broadcasting easier.

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Merlin Messaging Details



  • Provides on-screen icons and menu choices to help guide you through the administration process
  • In addition, WinSPM provides step-by-step help for adminstering features such as Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
  • Lets you customize commands for up to five macros, for simplified programming of redundant tasks
  • Provides a full picture of key tasks and station programming, instead of isolated features or function screens
  • Lets you program telephones from a centralized place, and then lets you save programming to a template and then apply it to other telephones
  • Provides a variety of templates and forms for fast, easy administration of thefeatures you use most often
  • Provides a unique allowed/disallowed lists feature that enables your system manager to create lists of telephone numbers that users are allowed or not allowed to dial
  • Also provides a unique system inventory feature that provides a visual layout of your MERLIN MAGIX system in a report format. It describes the characteristics of the hardware components in each system slot, including all modules and versions
  • Any time the system manager connects or disconnects with your MERLIN MAGIX system, WinSPM creates a maintenance log of key events, including any errors, and stores it on the administrative PC

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