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Application support is a key attribute of Avaya IP Office. Applications provide an even wider array of useful functions, helping you fully harness the system's capabilities for maximum benefit in your small or midsize business. Productivity applications like voice mail and PhoneManager help your employees do more work in less time. The Avaya IP Office eConsole, the PC Busy Lamp Field, and Auto Attendant provide the workflow, collaboration, and self-service tools you need to improve efficiency and knowledge throughout your organisation. From essential voice messaging to advanced productivity applications, Avaya IP Office applications give your employees and your customers a comfortable and effective way to add value to your relationships- and your bottom line.

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AVAYA IP Office voicemail solutions

Voice mail is an integral part of any business and a key element of customer relationship management strategy. When you offer the option of leaving a message, you're providing an after-hours or peak-calling-period alternative for customers who don't have time to wait-either today, or until tomorrow. When you give employees and suppliers the opportunity to relay time sensitive information securely and access it at any time, your business becomes more proactive and productive. When your people are better prepared and more responsive, your resources are better utilised, and your customers know they can depend on you. Avaya IP Office voice mail options address a wide range of business needs:

Voice Mail Lite
VoiceMail Lite is the standard voice mail application that offers a complete voice messaging solution. Capable of handling up to four simultaneous calls depending on the Avaya IP Office platform used, VoiceMail Lite provides personalised service every day of the year. Service options include automatic answer for unavailable employees, personalized greetings for customer assurance, and the ability to copy and forward messages with attachments to other individuals or groups.

With any messaging system, the identification and notification of messages is critical. VoiceMail Lite with Avaya IP Office ensures clear, timely messages by first stamping each message with the date, time, and caller's number-then notifying each user of their voice messages through e-mail, via the PhoneManager application or individual terminal display, or periodic rings to the user's designated phone number. The extension ring setting, in conjunction with Find Me/Follow Me, keeps users on top of their messages even when they're out of the office.

When out of the office, employees can access their important messages with remote message collection. It's a simple procedure of dialling the VoiceMail Lite server, being automatically "recognised" through your landline or mobile number, or alternatively entering a personal identification number. Messages are then delivered to the remote phone just as they would be to an office extension.

Voice Mail Pro
VoiceMail Pro adds significant value to VoiceMail Lite with increased capacity and refined services. Businesses with growing needs can scale up to 30 simultaneous calls, and every business can take advantage of the VoiceMail Pro Manager. A powerful voice processing system with an easy-to use graphical interface, VoiceMail Pro Manager offers tools that make your employees more productive, including integrated voice and e-mail messaging, and auto attendant.

At its most basic, VoiceMail Pro Manager provides auto-attendant functionality helping busy operators, and providing information to customers via recorded messages while they route to the appropriate extension. This includes a simple configuration suited to your particular company- such as "press 1 for sales, 2 for service, or 3 for the operator"-that either answers all incoming calls or serves as the primary backup for a live operator during high-volume periods. Auto Attendant gives customers a list of department or individual extensions to choose from-increasing the efficiency of your transactions with direct access, and by helping the caller "learn" the extension they need for future calls. Auto Attendant is also helpful when multiple languages are required; businesses can enable an initial selection set that lets callers choose the language they prefer for navigating subsequent options.

Having trouble with salespeople and other "blocked" calls? The Whisper Announce function asks the caller for their name, which is then forwarded to the destination user who can decide whether to accept the call or not. To avoid frustrated customers and dropped calls, Assisted Transfer monitors transferred calls, returning them to the sender if the transfer isn't answered. The graphical user interface allows users to set VoiceMail Pro functions for given time periods: normal operation, heavy traffic periods, holidays, to provide the best service possible at all times.

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A Speaking Clock is a free option that monitors calls to help management keep enact strategies for reducing call charges. And VoiceMail Pro can even act as an extra employee, triggering actions
connected to Avaya IP Office-for instance, allowing users to turn on the office heat via their cell phones as they drive to work. Searching for messages wastes valuable time-so Integrated Messaging Pro creates a single point of management for e-mail and voice mail messages.

An optional application for VoiceMail Pro, and based on integration with a Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail system, Integrated Messaging gives users the convenience they need to spend less time retrieving messages and more time acting on them. With Integrated Messaging, PC users have the advantage of a sophisticated interface that offers playback options, and even more caller information when it is available. In the Microsoft Outlook application, users see voice mails presented as e-mails with caller information in the header-number, name, or extension. Receiving messages as e-mails gives the user the option of alternately playing back the audio through their PC speakers, or sending the messages to their telephone number of choice via the diverts presented in their desktop terminal.


They can then manage messages by e-mail, even as they listen to them by phone. These tools create significant bandwidth management benefits for users working outside of the office. With message management enabled by Integrated Messaging, the user can control messages with their device of choice by automatically updating the message status on all devices. It's a simple way to enhance the efficiency of message management for all users.

Personal Numbering

Personal Numbering is an integral part of the VoiceMail Pro application that gives users the ability to control their accessibility at all times. When away from the office, by accessing the voice mail server and entering their PIN, users can remotely turn their voice mail on or off, set their e-mail forwarding to a given address, or edit their call forwarding and Follow Me numbers to route new incoming calls wherever they are (e.g. mobile or home). With this feature, employees who are out of the office can set their extension to automatically forward new incoming calls or voice messages to mobile or home numbers. For more advanced needs, VoiceMail Pro Manager becomes a proactive messaging assistant, automatically dialling internal or external users when new messages are received. The "always open" business is the business that provides full voice mail functionality-messaging, forwarding, rapid response via telephone or e-mail, and the ability to track down employees no matter where they are. Increase the value of your resources through the standard VoiceMail Lite by adding the more powerful VoiceMail Pro to Avaya IP Office.


Avaya IP Office offers three PhoneManager variations for different business needs:

PhoneManager Lite can be the one communications tool for every employee in your business. By providing basic call centre features for all users through their desktop PCs, PhoneManager Lite gives every user the advantage of caller identification, additional caller information, and even the exact number dialled-knowledge your employees can use to answer each call appropriately and professionally. The graphical interface presents information clearly and can be set to pop up onscreen as soon as a call comes in, when the call is answered, or simply at the click of a mouse. If you have a busy office with the noise of multiple phones, PhoneManager Lite can offer distinct rings for specific callers. To aid follow-up and reviews, PhoneManager Lite records all received, outgoing, and missed calls using CLI. By double-clicking on the missed call screen, you can simply and quickly perform follow-up actions such as returning a customer's call. And users are alerted to new voice mail messages, which can be retrieved at the click of a button, encouraging faster responses. Increased call volumes can either increase or inhibit productivity. PhoneManager Lite ensures positive results with drag-and-drop Busy Lamp Field/Direct Station Select functionality. Users can create a departmental or company-wide view of available terminals, see at a glance who's available and busy, and either place calls in a common call park area for busy users or connect them to available extensions.

PhoneManager Pro is the ideal upgrade for growing companies that want to give their employees more autonomy in customer service. Building on the value of PhoneManager Lite with useful additions that minimize labour and maximize productive time, PhoneManager Pro empowers all employees to contribute even more to a positive customer experience. Integration with Contact Management software adds functionality to the customer information screen pop, giving users the ability to dial a customer with a single click, or create a new record during a call from the auto-inserted phone number. Your employees can control their own voice mailboxes, monitor up to two queues simultaneously, have access to simple scripting for incoming calls, and record time management statistics-including time-on-call and cost-of-call. They can even control door entry through PhoneManager Pro, if the door security system is integrated with Avaya IP Office.

iPhoneManager Pro is the IP soft phone version of PhoneManager Pro, enabling all of the productivity tools through a multimedia PC equipped with a sound card, headset, and microphone. Your employees use the same graphical user interface to make, receive, and manage telephone calls-as the application communicates with Avaya IP Office on your LAN. It's a great way to improve the productivity and flexibility of a standard office environment, remote user arrangement, or mobile employee laptop.

With PhoneManager Lite, PhoneManager Pro, and iPhoneManager Pro, Avaya IP Office provides the simplified management and sophisticated functionality small and midsize businesses need for their communications. More detailed information and more powerful tools from Avaya IP Office help your employees make the best use of company resources and customer data.

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