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VoiceMail Lite is the standard voice mail application that offers a complete voice messaging solution. Capable of handling up to four simultaneous calls depending on the Avaya IP Office platform used, VoiceMail Lite provides personalised service every day of the year. Service options include automatic answer for unavailable employees, personalized greetings for customer assurance, and the ability to copy and forward messages with attachments to other individuals or groups.

With any messaging system, the identification and notification of messages is critical. VoiceMail Lite with Avaya IP Office ensures clear, timely messages by first stamping each message with the date, time, and caller's number-then notifying each user of their voice messages through e-mail, via the PhoneManager application or individual terminal display, or periodic rings to the user's designated phone number. The extension ring setting, in conjunction with Find Me/Follow Me, keeps users on top of their messages even when they're out of the office.

When out of the office, employees can access their important messages with remote message collection. It's a simple procedure of dialling the VoiceMail Lite server, being automatically "recognised" through your landline or mobile number, or alternatively entering a personal identification number. Messages are then delivered to the remote phone just as they would be to an office extension.

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