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VoIP Implementation

VoIP implementation allows for better applications by using a common protocol and lower costs through integration of separate support staffs. Some of the ways that Carroll Communications can bring a Voice over IP phone system to your office are below. Call for more details.

VoIP Implementation Over An Unstructured Private Circuit

Private voice networks can be constructed making use of available unstructured data circuits (X.21, V.35) at speeds of up to 2 Mbits. These data circuits are accessed via IP Offices equipped with an optional Voice Compression Module (VCM), providing from 2 to 60 VoIP calls (see VCM in section 2). This approach can realize significant savings by allowing compressed VoIP calls to be interleaved with data on any leased circuit with spare bandwidth.

Where multiple sites exist, the addition of the ‘IP400 Office WAN3’ Module allows larger networks to be designed. Two Modules can be supported on a single system providing a total of 7 leased lines.

VoIP Implementation Over A Managed Frame Relay Network

Frame Relay is a high-speed; packet switching WAN protocol that enables the interconnection of geographically dispersed LANs. A public network provider usually offers frame relay as a service. However, some private organizations can also own and manage their own Frame Relay networks.

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Frame Relay is a connection-oriented protocol, which means that it relies on an existing end-to-end path between devices connected across the network. It implements these connections using Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs).

Like a leased circuit, PVC is a logical path that connects two devices. This path between the source and destination point is a dedicated connection, so the PVC is always available to the connected devices. However, unlike a leased circuit many PVCs can coexist on a single access bearer which allows devices to share the bandwidth of a given transmission line.

Voice over a managed Frame Relay network is similar to Voice over a managed IP network except that the access interface is usually an unstructured leased circuit via IP Office’s WAN port. IP Office employs a Frame Relay Assembler Disassembler (FRAD) to allow voice and data traffic to be formatted and framed for a Frame Relay network.

VoIP implementation over a managed IP VPN

Even though the IP Office operates as a traditional ‘circuit switched telephone system’ utilizing standard analog and digital handsets, the inclusion of an integrated Voice over IP (VoIP) Gateway allows significant cost savings to be realized by converging voice and data onto a single managed IP VPN.

A managed IP network or IP VPN is a private network of routers managed and partitioned by a single network service provider who assigns IP addresses and manages the network. Because of this the network service provider can guarantee throughput levels, minimize latency and ensure transmission speeds to give greater quality of service supported by a contracted service level agreement.

IP VPNs have some distinct advantages over Frame Relay networks: access bandwidth need not be pre-allocated between sites like Frame Relay’s PVCs, they are generally cheaper and their global reach is normally greater. Access to the IP VPN is via one of IP Office’s LAN ports.

VoIP Implementation across the LAN

In a factory or campus environment, voice calls can also be linked utilizing 10/100 Mbps LAN connections, which can be copper or fiber. The optional Voice Compression Module (VCM) again facilitates this.In order to avoid bandwidth issues VoIP across the LAN will require some form of bandwidth management.

VoIP implementation across the public network

Traditional circuit switched telephony over the public telephone network is restricted in the level of feature support that can be offered. By deploying VoIP over T1/E1/PRI, IP Office is unique in realizing the benefits of Q.931 and H.450 supplementary service support.

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