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Benefits of VoIP

There are many benefits to implementing a VoIP system. These include capacity on demand, reduced calling costs, more powerful traditional features, impressive advanced features, reduced support costs, integration with other protocols, and the ability to link with instant messaging and email. These features are all advancements over traditional phone networks and good reasons to use VoIP. This is not the entire list of the benefits of VoIP; however, it contains the most important ones.

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A VoIP system allows for significant savings on phone calls. Presently, a VoIP system can dynamically choose the provider to use for a particular phone call. For example, if an employee makes a call to India, the system can look up current rates for phone calls to India and automatically choose the provider with the cheapest rate. A call to Mexico or Hawaii might be routed thorough a different provider entirely.

Traditional telephony features such as teleconferencing are enhanced using VoIP. Voice conferencing can be made to function much like an Internet chat room. Users can be invited to join the conference, disconnected from it, muted temporarily, or take part in private conversations. Calls may also be transferred very easily using this system. This is of great value to offices that receive general calls and then are required to redirect them depending on the person's needs, such as a help desk or sales. All of these features can be configured via a web browser instead of a traditional touch tone menu. This greatly eases the process of setting up all of the calling features that the system possesses.

There are several advanced features possible with VoIP that improve the way that calls are made and received. One of these is the ability to set call controls that allow incoming calls to be routed to an arbitrary destination. This could include different timing rules, such as not ringing after a certain time at night, forwarding work calls to home after business hours, or sending important calls directly to your cell phone. Also, incoming calls can be made to send messages to the user's email address or instant messaging program to increase the likelihood that the call is received.

Partner Phone System

Once in place, VoIP will reduce support costs for the business. When staff change offices they generally wish to retain their phone number so that colleagues do not need to be notified of any changes. Under the current system, the person moving must request that their number remain the same. After the request is received a technician must go to the phone equipment room and modify the hardware. This is quite expensive from a labor standpoint. With VoIP, the phone number follows the phone because the number is assigned to that phone as it is connected to the network. This means that as long as a person takes their phone with them, they will have the same number no matter where it is connected on the premises.

Benefits of VoIP

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